The Mapmaker’s War (Atria Books)

Fantasy novel by Ronlyn Domingue. Elegant, mythic, expansive, sensual – especially primal scenes in forest groves and rivers – this is the first volume of the Keeper of Tales trilogy.

Narrator is protagonist, recounting her own story to herself as “you”, an interesting technique that positions the reader as teller. Innovative punctuation, e.g. dashes flipped upright, contribute to the otherworldliness. Epic themes of greed, duty and betrayal abound, underpinned by one people’s cultural misconception of another. Superb imagery and language too.

Take this ringing set of wheels: “It’s the sound of bells. No, icicles. The twinkle of stars… in a rush of chimes, the great round wheel at its front finished its cycle, and up popped a swan, crafted in copper.” (p.68)

Available hardcover or softcover from major bookstores & online as well as e-book / Kindle etc. Now onto Book 2, The Chronicle of Secret Riven – can’t wait!