Welcoming solitude, I have been revisiting manuscripts that had lain dormant during recording, jobs or travel.

Elderbrook Chronicles: I’m nearly satisfied with this manuscript, enough to consider seeking its publication in 2023. Other writing in progress includes a magic-realist novel, Madame Alchemier. Meanwhile, you can gain early insights through our song lyrics. I recommend Bandcamp for easy navigation and listening.

In 2021 an intercultural anthology I co-edited, South of the Sun: Australian fairy tales for the 21st century, arrived in partnership with Serenity Press and The Australian Fairy Tale Society, which bestowed on me its national award in the same year. After launching this groundbreaking publication, I’ve sworn off committees, travel or even local festivals, and am setting boundaries around how & when communication happens. Email is fine, but please text ahead of ringing, so we can set a time to chat, thank you.


Elderbrook Chronicles (4 volumes) are somewhat complete. Still tweaking chapters. More memory than invention, this world continues to grow more vivid.

Meanwhile, we offer you the double album ethereal soundtrack Elderbrook – for sale at this website shop, best accessed on desktop.

Stepping down as president of the Australian Fairy Tale Society in 2019, I’ve nevertheless been hard at work co-editing an anthology of contemporary Australian fairy tales due in 2021.


2017 garnered two new releases: a water compilation Torlan and soundtrack Elderbrook (due Nov 2017).

A high ranking journal, TEXT: Into the Bush: Australasian Fairy Talesreleased my essay & story.


Recording ‘cello lines played by Caerwen Martin and Silo String Quartet, for several songs, at Mad Cat Sound.

Making my first music video clip – filming courtesy of Ian Clarke’s videography, Rachael Hammond’s dancing and dramatic carnivalesque contribution of Melissa Rose Tonkins. My own part was minimal as I’m happier with a mic than a camera.

Flying to Coromandel Valley, South Australia, for further production at Pilgrim Arts studio.


Completing sessionist contributions; grooming recordings from Spring Studio, Mad Cat Sound & Pilgrim Arts.

Liaison for design of Book-CD: prepare abridged story (English & French); maps; character profiles. (Retrospective note: I made the difficult decision at the end of 2013 to cancel the release / contract due to personal responsibilities & artistic directions.)

Mixing Silo String Quartet, African Kora and other 2011 – 2012 sessions.

Arranging & editing with Nicholas Albanis (Dandelion Wine) at Crustacean Creations.

Translation of abridged story into French by Bertrand Villmur. (Retrospective note: I’ve paid the translator’s commission to retain rights to the text in both English & French.)

Previewing my Book-CD, Elderbrook:  It features my first audio-reading: a chapter of the unfolding Elderbrook chronicles.

Also a new song, ‘The Fountains of Alderbee’. Another version, ‘Singing Fountains’, is on a fairy compilation Graines de Berceuses:

Visit to Australia from our longtime German collaborator Olaf Parusel.


Co-hosting fairy festivals including Phantosea (Melbourne & Adelaide), Feline Faery Fest (x 3), Elf Winter & Midsummer (Adelaide).

Continuing to record soundtrack for Elderbrook Chronicles & continuing to write these fantasy volumes.

Recording a new album with husband / co-songwriter Mark & longtime producer Brett Taylor. Working title: Hob.