Extract of Interview in Fae magazine

2008, Britain
Interviewer: Bryony Whistlecraft for www.faemagazine.com/
The edition is advertised here: www.faenation.com/category/books/page/8/

An Intro to Louisa’s music appeared earlier at Fae Magazine’s affiliated online zine, Fae Nation, with host-editor Tangle, 6th Feb 2007.

Described as Romantic Pop-Ethereal Faerie Music, the beautiful works of Louisa John-Krol have found fans around the world. Although based in Australia, Louisa is signed to Prikosnovenie, a French ethereal Faerie label, and has also recently released ¬†her album Alexandria as a limited edition digipak with American label Forest of the Fae… FAE Magazine learns a little more about Louisa, her music and influences…

Tell us a little bit about yourself…

Faerielore, music, reading, writing, storytelling, gardening, family (rescuing cats) all enrich my life in Australia, while labels in Europe and America release my albums.

Do you believe in Faerie?

Yes. Sometimes the Fey Ones feel most vivid as Elementals, dancing in firelight, air, water, leaves,or faces in trees. Then there’s the kind that poets have summoned metaphorically or ecstatically as Muses. And there are the mighty genies, who swoop around planets, soar between galaxies, slip between universes, with the ease of gods; who knows what they are?

What else inspires you?

Our cats, Djinn and Dulcinea, are basically co-composers! I continue to find inspiration in mythology, poetry, novels, pagan spirituality… and diverse genres of music.

You are signed to a French-based record label. Do you find Europeans more receptive to your style of music than Australians?

Europe’s larger population renders all niches more powerful than their counterparts in Australia. While we have great creativity here, the mass (or mainstream media) is fixed in vapid materialism, sport and chart hits. If it tries to be ‘alternative’, it usually grabs at polemic messages.

Anything else you’d like to share with readers of FAE?

I congratulate Frederic Chaplain our label manager on the birth of his daughter, celebrated on his album Satya. Secondly, I thank the magical Spanish singer/illustrator Priscilla Hernandez, for putting you and me in touch; and I recommend our mutual Belgian friend, singer/harpist Keltia, a guest artist on our new album Djinn.