Extract of Interview in Topiste / Sol Fm

Topiste & radio station Sol Fm, program Le Miracle de la Rose
circa 2002, France
Interviewer: Spahi Amadeo Gregory

Although they’re often seen as positive & bright elementals, aren’t fairies more play and ambivalent (A Midsummer Night’s Dream)?

Yes, plenty of ambivalence and mischief in the faerie! In ‘Sentinel’ (on Ariel), wild light of a will o the wisp is… tempting a dreamer to leave her fortress. In ‘The Last Centaur’ (on Alexandria), a rapacious centaur becomes a prophet of change. In ‘Duncan the Fiddler’ (on Argo), a capricious little man dares a musician to a duet that almost kills him and certainly sends him mad.

Furthermore, by giving voice to the Poetic Genius, do you feel like singing for the children of the future age?

It is not for me to say this, nor do I claim any right to speak for other souls.