Extract of Interview in Post Mortem magazine #1

2003, France
Interviewer: Lionel (editor: ‘Noxious’)

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One best memory of your musical work? (concert, etc?)

At one little concert I met Julia, who played by the stage while her mother worked as a waitress. After the show she wanted to come home with me, so I asked her mother (who seemed tired, with no man to help them): would it be ok? She said yes! Julia kept me up all night asking about faeries. Next morning we tried on costumes, but she insisted on wearing my silk pajamas through the streets! We bought cherries, which she turned into ear-rings; we were gathering flowers for our garlands, when Julia found a homeless man sleeping under some bushes and left a flower beside his face. I don’t perform often now, so I treasure this memory of Julia. She was like a wild bird.

One word that you love?

Orpheus: legendary musician of Greek mythology, celebrated in Rilke’s sonnets and elegies.