Extract of Interview in July Nights magazine

January 2006, Portugal
Interviewer: Fernando Reis

Also interviewed LJK for Feedback magazine, Portugal.

A track like ‘The Windrow’ is somehow different from all you have done in your past solo albums – both in structure and in rhythm. How did you write it?

My husband wrote ‘The Windrow’. It touches on the fragile line dividing reality from dream, or our choices: “Which one is your world?” The windrow is the edge of waves sculpted by wind along a shoreline: “Windrow, windrow, drift like a curtain – speak like thunder!”…We’d be walking by the Yarra River, imagining “caravans in the dawn / carting musk and sandalwood”… the windrow as border between exotic and familiar… now the sand is firmer, the sea driven by different currents. Perhaps that is the beauty of the windrow? It can obscure or clarify, haunt or guide, depending on how we read its mysterious signs?

Are you still very opened to external musical influences? I mean, if you like very much an album you hear today, is it possible that your next songs will have traces of it? 

Yes, Mark and I avidly collect CDs… Shannon Wright is deserving of wider respect; I recommend her CD Dyed in the wool. In the car is a triple-CD entitled 69 Love Songs by The Magnetic Fields… I’ve ordered a box-set by Mathias Grassow… We picked up a new album by Hannah Marcus. Some acts we returned to lately include The Throwing Muses and Otis Redding…