Extract of Interview in Gothtronic

2006, The Netherlands
Interviewer: Grtz Ron (aka Beautevil) (www.gothtronic.com)

You’re active with writing stories, can you tell us more about it?

I’m working on some novellas and stories, combining fairytales with magic-realism.

It always seem that the music of Prikosnovenie is always accompanied by great artwork. Can you tell us more about your artwork on “Apple Pentacle”?

Apple Pentacle is some of Sabine’s most whimsical art ever… crescent-moon leaves remind me of Persephone living half a year in the underworld and the other half above. My previous album, Alabaster, related to Hades… Apple Pentacle returns to the greenwood. www.sabine-adelaide.com

Is the Prikosnovenie label (with all these cooperation and the kind of music they promote) more a family or a gathering of the same souls than a traditional label?

Prikosnovenie is a gathering of artistic souls… Arno Pellerin made our video for Love Sessions 2 with cheerful energy… Frederic… is more than the label’s manager: he is also its producer, creating soundscapes (Lys, Love Sessions). Fred composed the basis of ‘Kunmanngur’… He often advises on selection and order of songs. Our friendship has weathered disagreements, but at the foundation is respect. (I’m) fortunate to be independent of the mainstream… read Steve Albini’s article, The Problem with Music. Prikosnovenie is a label that values quality and integrity.