Extract of Interview in Feedback magazine

2003, Portugal
Interviewer: Fernando Reis

Is it true that you like Teresa Salgueiro’s voice? Do you like Madredeus music as well?

Yes, Teresa Salgueiro of Madredeus… Their lyrics remind me of Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa… Consider their CD O Espirito Da Paz: “Momento Silencio; Nao e nenhum poema (it would not be a poem); nada existe; and acordar e que eu nao queria (All I wanted was not to awake)”. It seems their music touches on similar themes of silence, the sea, beauty, a languid trust in the fleeting moment (Pessoa); Im thinking of these lines by him: “I look at it from the top of a nonexistent hill, / stitch after stitch forming a cloth; In the silence and deceptive light of the depths; / For its in the foil to my desire / That I feel nature and life to be real; Everything’s hidden.”

What do you know more from the Portuguese scene?

Dwelling and Aenima, on Portuguese label Equilibrium, are excellent. I have a CD by each and really enjoy Catarina Raposos vocals on Moments. And I hear that Raphaela Hermes of the German band Das Zeichen is now living in Portugal.