Extract of Interview in Elegy magazine #27

Avril-Mai, 2003, Paris, France
Interviewer: Alyz Tale for www.elegy.fr

These electronic elements will probably surprise your fans. According to you, why is the union between poetry/machines, fairy voices/electronic so difficult to admit?

If we see fairies as angels or invest them with pastoral charm, we might struggle to unite them with electronics. Because fairies are nature spirits, we might assume they cannot exist in a machine age. Why accept that limit? Everything we use in a studio has natural origins! All the elements – fire, air, water, earth – help create technology. Furthermore, the word Fey comes from the Latin Fatae, classical Fates… who intervene in destinies… (we) may cross genres as freely as ghosts move through walls, selkies transform into women, frogs become princes; we are shapeshifters…