Extract of Interview in EisPlanet magazine #5

Pages 28-39, 2003, Athens, Greece
Edited by Zerk Esserx

Tell me a few more things about Louisa, what other interests you have apart from music, teaching and storytelling?

I love ocean swimming, and bushwalking – being around water, trees, birds. I collect shells, coral, seaweed, river-root, leaves, wood-knots, buttons, feathers, sequins, faerietales, wind-chimes, stones and light-catchers.

What is what Louisa wants to leave behind as far as music and the messages she communicated with music? I am in the position to know that your goals are purely spiritual.

No message!…The spiritualism (is) an amorphous paganism; I’m attracted to gods of Greek mythology… Being open to the possibility of reincarnation and parallel lives… sense of kinship with the Faerie; I see my spiritual development as a pattern or web, rather than a single linear goal.