Extract of Interview in Atraktos site

2003, Greece
Interviewer: Konstantinos Papaspyropoulos 


Louisa, when I listened to Love Sessions for first time I was amazed from your voice! Where have you been all these years? How long are you in the music business?

Thank you, Kosta. I recorded my first original song at age 10 and made 5 unreleased albums before self-publishing my 6th, Argo (debut CD) and 7th, Alexandria (2nd CD, re-issued by German label Hyperium… I received my first royalties from the 8th Ariel (3rd CD) on the French label Prikosnovenie, which recently released my 9th album (4th CD) Alabaster.

Why have you ended up recording for a French label and not for an Australian one? Are things difficult for your music in your country?

Fred Chaplain (Prikosnovenie’s owner) wrote from France to introduce himself. He won me by his talented artists, attractive design, tasteful promotion and financial honesty… (besides), it suits me to live in reclusion on an island continent (Australia). I am a willing participant in my own exile.