Extract of Interview in Antiphonal magazine

February 2003, Spain
Interviewer: Ximena Martinez Rojas (www.pimentola.fi/antiphonal.html)

Can you tell me about the importance of the mythology in your work?

Mythology, in particular Greek Mythology, contains in my opinion profound insights to the collective human psyche. It provides a rich source of poetic metaphors, and expresses my spirituality.

What do you know about the culture of my country Spain?

I am aware of the extraordinary literary tradition of Spain. Who can forget the great Miguel De Cervantes? We have in our collection works by Benito Perez Galdos, Miguel De Unamuno, Leopoldo Alas and plays by Valle-Inclan. I enjoyed the novel Belarmino and Apolonio by Ramon Perez de Ayala.

Do you listen to any Spanish band?

Yes, we have music by Jordi Savall’s Hesperion XX; Me Voy Contigo by Remedios Amaya with guitar of Vicente Amigo; various compilations of flamenco such as Son Del Sur; the 3 singers of La Sal De La Vida and lots of Spanish music from the Middle Ages including Alfonso X El Sabio and the 15th century pilgrim songs from the monastery of Montserrat. (Subsequent to this interview, LJK befriended & began working with Spanish singer Priscilla Hernandez.)