Extract of Interview in Presto magazine #69

Page 33, Avril 2003, France
Interviewer: Emmanuel Queva for www.presto.presse.fr

In what ways have your Northern-European origins and your life in Australia influenced your music?

If reincarnation is possible – and if we can change race, religion, class, language, nationality, planet, galaxy or universe for each life – then perhaps family origins are of little consequence?… Australia’s cultural diversity, space, political and spiritual freedom have encouraged me to cross genres with no heed for boundaries…

The world of fairies seems very significant in your world, not?

Yes, a world encompassing classical Greek mythology, faerietales, Aboriginal Dreaming and Druidism / Wicca. Some of my listeners interpret my ethereality as “angelic”, forgetting the horns or fish-tail! And whilst Faeries are elementals – nature spirits – they also inhabit human realms as Muses or Fates. I may cross any genre, fly on any whim, try any technology, explore any subject…