Extract of Interview in Livid Looking Glass magazine

Pages 5 – 6, 2005, California, USA
Interviewer: Ron Sawyer (no longer publishing)

What albums do you have in your car or home CD player right now?

Gorecki’s Miserere at this moment… Bowie in the car… releases from Prikosnovenie at my office… The player in my study has Sever by This Ascension (from) their singer Dru. Beside it… Awake inside a Dream by Angels of Venice (and) debut of Parisian underground band The Dirge and Absinthe – the Folie Verte… soundtrack to The Wicker Man, Seventh Harmonic & Keltia… Sheller, Persephone and lots of ambient stuff… JOI (Real World)… World shut your mouth by Julian Cope…

Melbourne has produced many excellent dark-ethereal and well known musicians like Nick Cave, Faraway, Eden, Dead Can Dance, Duality, Ikon, Legousia  Hybrida, Trial of the Bow, Avriga. Is there much interaction or collusion between you local artists?

The music of all these artists inspires my respect. (I am closest with Liz, one of my girlfriends). I’ve known Sean Bowley (Eden)… also Saaroth (Legousia Hybrida), reciting his poetry on Asphodel. I collaborated (with Chris) on Ikon’s new CD (Destroying the World to save it)… Richard Allison (keyboard), Jenni Heinrich (classical guitar, viola), Bronwyn Lloyd (hurdy gurdy)…

How have the indigenous cultures of Australia influenced your music?

They have influenced me spiritually, in my belief in the Dreaming and respect for nature.

What message do you most wish to convey to your listeners?

There has never been any political or religious message… my focus is poetic not polemic.