Extract of Interview in Gothic Beauty magazine

Issue 14, Fall, 2004, USA
Interviewer: Carolee Harrison for www.gothicbeauty.com


When was your European tour, and where did it take you?

I toured with Francesco from Napoli to Firenze, Bologna, Arceto, Milan, over the Alps into Switzerland, through Luxembourg to Rochefort, Bruxelles, Paris, Rennes, Clisson, down to the southern coast, past Monaco back to Italy, after which I flew to Germany to reunite with Olaf, then on to Thessaloniki to record & perform with Spyros / Daemonia Nymphe.

Your fans here want to know if a tour in the United States might be upcoming!

Great! I admire much in your culture: jazz singer Billie Holiday, anthropologist Joseph Campbell, The X Files, poets Dickinson and Whitman, essayist Ralston Saul and satirist Mike Moore; a New York listener sent me Stupid White Men. (We love) Southpark cartoonistsTray Parker and Matt Stone… Yesterday I enjoyed the debut Equilibrium by Anne Marie.

You mentioned the Storytelling Guild of Australia; what is this?

Its a group of storytellers, folklorists, actors, puppeteers and others, who cherish the oral tradition.

Theres a constant, intangible reference to the fairy world or to mythology in your music, but its unspecific  more like your songs hint at a world beyond the world that exists in constant interaction with what we perceive as reality. Do you agree?

I do sense parallel worlds cohabiting… I’m open to more than one explanation for the paranormal.