Faery Lore


Beloved Anne Atkins of Wonderwings died on the first day of Spring.

A Fey Blessing:

Limber days of dulcet cheer

Bring the grace of Faeries near!

Blue Bird

Blue Bird fly to the Tower of Sleep

Carry the Wishes of the Bell Faeries

Blue Bird fly to the Tower of Sleep

Soon we shall be free!

Lady Bird

All will fall and fade to grey

fall away, fall away

To the borderless land of fey

fly away, fly away

They came to her for hugs and hope: children with broken families, lovers with broken hearts, poets with broken dreams, and they went away with happier beliefs. Not silly, selfish things like ‘Beautiful is how the World sees me’, but wise, warm things like ‘Beautiful is how I see the World’.

from The Faerietale Woman by Louisa.

Elderbrook is a series of chronicles by Louisa, completed December 2023. Many of her songs arise from that realm. One of its cities is Alderbee, where fountains sing, for they are enchanted.