Love Sessions Volumes 1 & 2

About these albums

Two collaborative albums, recorded in 2001 & 2003 respectively, in the medieval village of Clisson

Produced by Frederic Chaplain, co-owner-manager of Prikosnovenie

Both involving Francesco Banchini (Gor), Frederic Chaplain (Lys) & Louisa John-Krol

Other participants in each volume, such as Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe), are named in Credits.

I am going to stand against him now, though his hands are like flame,

though his hands are like flame, and his heart like the shining of iron.

The Iliad of Homer, Book XX, 371, translated by Lattimore

Love Sessions Volume 1


A musical meeting made of love and ancestral roots, between musicians from France, Australia, Italy, Greece.

The circle was done and the fire arrived… Outside: the river, the castle… Clisson, France… This music is the result of our common quest, it is the sound of our hearts…

Frederic Chaplain

Love Sessions Volume 2


On the high hills he blew those two notes once more; and all that had their sole dwelling in moonlight and river-mist, or in the deep romance that overflows from old tales… came out… and followed him over the fields and valleys

Lord Dunsany: The Charwoman’s Shadow


Tracks & Lyrics

Love Sessions Volume 1

#1. Dante O’ Dore

 Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

Silver Dante O’ Dore

Silver flying over Water

Virgil of Limbo

Golden Carrier of ancient Fire


Silver Dante O’Dore

Elderardo of Oceans

Golden Desert and Ocean

Elderardo of olden Lore

Elderardo of Gold Interior

Gold Interior of Eyes in Fire

#8. Over the Border

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

When they come you would not tell the madman from the brave

When they go you would not know the dead man from the sane

When they fight you would not find a reason for the way

Over the Border

When they come

When they fight

When they play

When they die

#10. Escalder’s Spellbinding

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

A prelude to Elderbrook, due 2013

I am the Faerie no-one sees,

I am the Witch for cursing,

I am the Story nobody reads,

For nobody knows the words!


See her dancing in the Fountain-song,

See the Lady in Green

She will lead you to a distant land

And shadow you in your dreams:


Oh willow on the water

Could not be greener than me!

I shall be Queen of Alderbee

And powerful as the sea.


I’ve a Harpist in my head,

Colder than the moonlight

He will hold me to Eternity

And follow me through the sunlight!


Oh willow on the water…


Well I’ve a tale on a cursing loom

Causing lovers to fall:

There a unicorn will break his heart

For love at Sir Malder’s Castle….


Who’ll dare to stop me, or

Am I beyond your reach?

Don’t stand before a Lady,

You shall walk beside me!

Love Sessions Volume 2

#6. Alexandria (acoustic mix)

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

An earlier version was produced by Harry Williamson. This version produced by Fred Chaplain.

One more day away from Alexandria

And night is long to sail –

Rolling in a slow procession moved a place,

A city fair and strange.


Send the felon winds and every gust of wings

Toward Bayona’s Hold

Over tides of dark I’ll ever know your love

An uncrowned whitethorn blown:


“Fame isn’t mortal,

Nor does it lie in rumour, nor in your pride

But in the Laurel you’ll reign afar

And in the Silence of youin your rain, in your garden

In the sun on the rillin Alexandria.”


As one so long prepared

You’ll hear the midnight voices,

Don’t you mourn them now!

Don’t betray your hope, and say goodbye to her –

Your Alexandria.

#7. Emeraude

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

Where are the Faerie to carry me home?

Why don’t we flee from the love we have known?

He’s red in clover, he’s not one of our own

But he freed me, by the emerald stone.


Till the air is my road again, far high again lo,

I’ll love the man who lives under the loam,

He’s red in clover, he’s not one of our own,

But he played me (loves me), by the Emerald stone.


Oh, some say you do, some you don’t,

You say you do love me….

Who do I believe but my Emerald

The green incarnate who

Gleams in my scarlet dream.

#9. The Lily and the Rose (new Clisson version)

Music / Lyrics : Louisa John-Krol

An earlier version was produced by Harry Williamson. This version produced by Fred Chaplain.

The maidens came when I was in

My mother’s bower, I had all that I would


The bailey beareth the bell away

The lily, the rose, the rose I lay!


The silver is white, red is the gold

The robes they lay in fold


And through the glass windows shines the sun

How should I love, and I so young?

#12. Sea Nights of Napoli

Music / Lyrics: Francesco Banchini / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Frederic Chaplain

Sweet cobbled roads of your old Cicciano,

Sea siren nights of Napoli…

From cracks in the stone, ash whispers of Roman Dreams

In your sea nights of Napoli.


Thousands of hearts made your old Cicciano

Thousands of lovers have walked these lanes,

Carving desire in deep silver shadows

In your sea nights of Napoli!


Dark dreaming eyes will promise tomorrow,

Mountains and streams took yesterday:

Lovers on stairs could lead you both ways

All of them take you to the sea.



I am a lover, skilled in the arts of madness;

I have drunk deeply of culture and learning


Ogni attimo vi porta nuove fronde

e il suo sbigottimento avanza ogni altra

gioia fugace; viene a impetuose onde

la vita a questo estremo angolo d’orto.

Lo sguardo ora vi cade su le zolle;

una risacca di memorie giunge

al vostro cuore e quasi lo sommerge.

Eugenio Montale, from Crisalide

English translation of the above lines:

Each instant fetches you fresh leaves

and each new tremor of joy is overwhelmed

by your surprise: life in surging waves

whelms this farthest garden corner.

Now your gaze falls to the ground;

your heart, lapped by memories

washing back, almost drowns.

Eugenio Montale, from Chrysalis

We’ve crossed… cultures, joining together our hearts and feelings to give you this little jewel, hopeful that it will touch your heart

Francesco Banchini

Blending our cultures through music is a gift given to us. To enjoy our differences we must try to keep our civilizations alive.

Spyros Giasafakis




Love Sessions – both volumes recorded by Frederic Chaplain in France

Released on French label Prikosnovenie, respectively in 2002 and 2005


Design: Sabine-Adelaide

Calligraphy: Robinson Deschamps


Recorded, programmed, mixed & mastered by Frederic Chaplain at Prikosnovenie in Clisson, France

Video: Arno Pellerin, France


Francesco, Frederic, Mandragora, Sabine, Arno, the ghosts and faeries of Clisson, our families and everyone else who made this dream possible.

Love Sessions Volume 1 Credits

Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe), Greece

Flute #9; Table Harp, Percussion #3, #6; Voice #3, #6, #9 (bass vox), #11, #12; Tambourine #3, #12; Pandourida #12

Francesco Banchini (Gor), Italy

Flute, Guitar, Bendir, Firesticks, Froufrou, Cymbol #2, #4, #10, #11; Voice #3, #12; Clarinet, etc #5

Frederic Chaplain (Lys), France

Voice #3, #9 (bass vox), #11, #12; Electronic Effects #1, #4, #6, #7, #8, #10, #11; Production

Louisa John-Krol, Australia

Voice #1, #3, #4, #6, #8, #9, #10, #12; Acoustic Guitar #1; Table Harp #8

Marlene Etrillard, France

Whispers and/or Vocal Harmonies #1, #6, #8, #11, #12


Voice in #2: Liz Van Dort (Faraway), recorded by Harry Williamson

Violin in #2: Anne Berry (Azara)

Guitar in #5: David Sauvourel

Voices in #7: Sergio Panarella (Ashram)

Daouli in #12: Evi Stergiou (Daemonia Nymphe)

Love Sessions Volume 2 Credits

Most of this album was composed and arranged by Francesco Banchini, with many interludes by Frederic Chaplain.


Chalumeaux #9, #14; Udu #5, #7, #14, #15; Duduk #8; Tres #2, #15, #16; Tibetan Flute #15: Francesco Banchini

Clarinet, Percussion, Classical Guitar, Chimes, Male Voice (most songs): Francesco Banchini

Mandolin #9, #16; Acoustic Guitar #6, #7, #14; Vocals #2, #4, #6, #7, #9, #11, #12, #16; Claps #16: Louisa John-Krol

Harp #1, #9, #11, #17: Mandragore, France

Djembe #1; Derbouka #5; Keyboard #6, #10; Electronic Effects/Samples (most); 2nd Voice #12, Percussion #14: Fred Chaplain

Additional Voice #16: Hicham Bilali, with Medina’s ambiences, recorded by Phil Von in Fes.

Credits to Louisa’s 4 contributions to Love Sessions Volume 2

#6. Alexandria

Music: Louisa/Mark Krol, after Baixa dansa Barcelona from 15th century manuscript de Bruxelles

Lyrics: Louisa, in tribute to Cavafy’s poem The God Abandons Antony & Milton’s Lycidas 

New arrangement with Francesco / Frederic (earlier version was on Louisa’s CD Alexandria)

Voice, Guitar: Louisa

Second voice, Clarinet solo: Francesco

#7. Emeraude

Music: Louisa 1985, completed in Clisson 2003

Voice, Guitar, Chimes: Louisa

Udu: Francesco

Effects: Frederic

#9. The Lily and the Rose

Music: Louisa John-Krol — Lyric: anon, 16th century

New arrangement with Francesco / Frederic / Mandra (earlier version was on Louisa’s CD Alabaster)

Voice, Mandolin: Louisa John-Krol

Clarinet: Francesco

Harp: Mandra

#12. Sea Nights of Napoli

Music: Francesco

Lyric / Voice: Louisa

Clarinets, Guitar, Percussion, Second Voice: Francesco

Third Vox, Claps, other Effects: Frederic



“Louisa’s voice is wonderful. I don’t know any other singer with such casual control. Her songwriting is literate and lovely. I first came across her on Love Sessions I and Love Sessions II, a sort-of jam session of artists on a French label. Try to get those if you can, as well as Louisa’s solo work.”

News from the Other Grovem posted at, USA

Love Sessions Volume 1

“Superb… fairy pop music… medieval, folk, Middle-East, Balkanic influences. The magnificent voice of Louisa John-Krol supported by dreamy melodies of the talented and multi-instrumentalist Francesco Banchini and the ancient Greek instruments of Daemonia Nymphe… electronic experimentations by Lys… A very beautiful album, with warm Mediterranean atmospheres and folk sensuality. Excellent!”

Heimdallr 2003,

“In un episodio di Sandman, Neil Gaiman ipotizzò che William Shakespeare potesse aver stipulato un patto con il Signore dei Sogni, il quale gli avrebbe fornito l’ispirazione per le proprie opere: in cambio, tra le altre cose, gli sarebbe stata richiesta la rappresentazione di una delle sue commedie (Sogno di una notte di mezza estate) davanti a Oberon, Titania e al popolo di Faerie. Qualcosa di molto simile deve aver fatto Frédéric Chaplain, titolare della Prikosnovénie, data l’elevatissima qualità delle sue produzioni in… musica eterea, che fanno della sua etichetta una garanzia di assoluta qualità. Il disco in questione non fa che sottolineare una volta di più quanto detto sopra; è bene sottolineare da subito che non si tratta di una semplice compilation, bensì di una collaborazione tra lo stesso Chaplain, Francesco Banchini (GOR, Ataraxia), Louisa John-Krol, Spiros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe) e Marlène Etrillard, supportati in alcuni brani da altri ottimi musicisti (tra cui Sergio Panarella della rivelazione Ashram)… Insieme hanno creato un disco splendido sotto ogni aspetto, ricco di delicate suggestioni che mescolano culture diverse: dalle reminescenze celtiche sottolineate dalla dolcissima voce della cantante australiana alle splendide atmosfere create dal genio inesauribile e vulcanico di Francesco Banchini; dalle atmosfere create dai campionatori di Chaplain alla malinconia mediterranea del suono di Giasafakis. Impossibile trovare una caduta di tono, un solo brano che non spinga ad urlare al capolavoro, un istante che non sia pieno di cultura ed ispirazione; altrettanto impossibile scegliere uno o più brani: sarebbe un’offesa nei confronti di tutti gli altri. Non posso far altro che fermarmi qui, a malincuore, con una domanda che continua a girarmi nella testa: a quando un festival Prikosnovénie in un bosco, davanti alle folte schiere di fate e folletti?”

Ver Sacrum,, Italy

“A particular project… remembered me what 4AD created with This Mortal Coil: label’s mate who… record together a bunch of songs, sharing thoughts and emotions… For Love Sessions: Francesco Banchini (Gor & Ataraxia), Spyros Giasafakis (Daemonia Nymphe), Louisa John-Krol, Marléne Etrillard and Frédéric Chaplain (Lys) plus guests… first three of the list (plus Frédéric Chaplain for ‘Sacrum II’ and ‘Les Cloches De Clisson’ with Spyros) wrote the music and played… various instruments such as: violin, percussions, table harp, guitar, flute cymbal, pandourida… recordings took place in medieval city of Clisson on 2001 and 2002 and Fred Chaplain took care of mixing, engineering… songs respect solo works of the people who wrote the songs… balanced situation… emphasized by the voice of Louisa, by Spyros’ Greek ancient sounds enriched by LYS’ samples. Each track has got his own fascination and I appreciated… particularly: ‘Dante O’ Doré’, ‘Etheros’ and ‘Over The Border’. For sure the lovers of fairy and folk sounds will appreciate this CD.”

Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K. id#653, Italy

“Not even in your wildest dreams can you imagine this journey… you will be embraced by millions of sweet melodies and enchanting voices that will lead your mind into places never seen before… A piece of art that speaks straight to your heart. A trip that has no boundaries. You can consider me as a romantic fool, and maybe I am. On other occasions I might be completely seduced by the beauty of this recording.”

John Zikos, Moonshadows magazine (no longer publishing), Greece

Love Sessions Volume 2

“… l’amitié… l’écho, cela éveille les Love Sessions: talents multiples parlant d’une seule voix. Cette seconde rencontre effectuée au sein du studio de Prikosnovénie (label basé à Clisson, près de Nantes) fusionne la créativité de Louisa John-Krol, de Francesco Banchini (GOR) et de LYS. Australie, Italie et France enfantent une culture multi-facettes dont la qualité n’a d’égale que la sensibilité de ses défenseurs… ce projet équilibre l’attention portée aux sons (‘Shofar’), libère le timbre de chaque voix (‘Quando la notte arrivera’) et hypnotise par un aveu mélodique souvent perceptible (‘La battaglia degli elfi’). Si la fée Louisa sait toujours nous émouvoir, c’est grâce à des morceaux scintillants (‘Alexandria’, le sublime ‘Emeraude’, ‘The Lily and the rose’), à sa faculté à rendre silencieux notre stress. Love Sessions se transforme parfois en murmures (‘Rivière de Lys’), en ‘Un souffle d’or’, version instrumentale énigmatique. La guitare acoustique est aussi mise en avant (‘Dendrophori’) pour caresser notre attention, sous le charme de ‘L’ultimo tramonto’ mystique. Ce conte sonore s’orientalise sous les traits de ‘Yahil’ faisant se répondre les cordes vocales de Francesco et de Louisa, le tout sur un rythme endiablé. Mais pour feindre la fin d’un rêve, rien de tel qu’un dernier écho de sobriété, une façon de rire de l’éphémère moment de liberté (‘Samsara’). Une oeuvre conçue par trois âmes guidant leur regard vers le même horizon: celui de l’émotion; une ode à la beauté…”

by David D’Halleine,, France

”…Samen klinken ze als een modern wereldmuziekensemble, waar klassieke instrumenten teder gekust worden door moderne elektronica… Love Sessions 2… Louisa’s inbreng bestaat uit haar prachtig ijle stem en instrumenten als gitaar, mandoline en klokkenspel. Francesco brengt naast zijn donkere zang ook Tibetaanse fluit, (Cubaanse) gitaar, klokkenspel, klarinet, udu (Nigeriaans drumvat), duduk (Armeens blaasinstrument), chalumeaux (Middeleeuws blaasinstrument)  en diverse percussie instrumenten. Fred voorziet het geheel van samples en speelt onder meer djembe en derbouka. Het is wereldse mix geworden van Middeleeuws getinte muziek, ambient en folkinvloeden uit Italië, (Noord) Afrika en Armenië. Ze doen naast hun eigen projecten dikwijls denken aan Dead Can Dance en qua zang soms aan Loreena McKennitt. Maar door de brede inzet van de diverse genres creëren ze een eigen geluid dat wonderschoon is.”

by Jan Willem Broek, /Senzor/Radio100/Subjectivisten/OOR Popencyclopedie, The Netherlands

“…El artista italiano y la cantante australiana, tras acabar su tour… decidieron hacer una.. parada en los estudios de Prikosnovénie y, bajo la dirección de…Frederic Chaplain y acompañados por la arpista francesa Mandragora, revivir la experiencia iniciada con la primera parte de estas Love Sessions… Es inigualable este encuentro entre dos grandes músicos de nuestra era; dos artistas veteranos dentro del panorama del neofolk, las heavenly voices o la música medieval. John-Krol, que ya es todo un clásico dentro del sello francés, a lo largo de sus 5 discos siempre nos ha demostrado que el pop y el folk forman una perfecta pareja. Banchini… se ha convertido en uno de los pilares del neofolk y la música antigua proveniente del sur de Europa gracias a su prolífico proyecto en solitario, Gor, y a sus colaboraciones con bandas de la talla de Ataraxia. En esta interesante velada los dos artistas dejan que la magia fluya a través de sus instrumentos y sus voces convirtiendo el evento en una sublime muestra de su potencial y calidad. Hay temas originales de John-Krol, algunos de Banchini y otros especialmente compuestos para la ocasión. Un ejemplo es el estupendo ‘Quando La Notte Arriverà’, un dulce canto romántico a dos voces, cantado en italiano y con esencias mediterráneas, todo ello guiado por un suave clarinete. La canción que sigue a esta última tampoco tiene desperdicio: algo más intensa, ‘La Battaglia Degli Elfi’ es un tema épico de cánticos celestiales y murmullos adornados con los sonidos de una sangrienta batalla. Otro tema destacable es ‘Emeraude’, un excelente tema folk pop de voz femenina… También la mágica ‘Riviere De Lys’, en la que las dos voces se unen en cantos hipnóticos, sutilmente arropados por el arpa. Louisa John-Krol se reconoce la bonita ‘Alexandria’… ‘The Lily And The Rose’, basada en un poema del siglo XVI. Cabe destacar el remix de ‘Shofar’… con cánticos árabes y guitarras acústicas y… una de las mejores canciones del disco, ‘Dendrophori’, cantada por John-Krol con Banchini en segundo plano, acompañados por el clarinete y la guitarra. La verdad es que todas las canciones son dignas de mención, ‘Yahil’, ‘Sea Nights Of Napoli’, en fin, todas valen la pena en esta impresionante grabación. Como extra, y por si el disco en sí fuera suficiente, el CD incluye una pista de video… donde se incluyen momentos de esa gira del 2002, alguna entrevista a los músicos, así como escenas de la grabación… Un bonus que acaba de completar un trabajo excepcional. En definitiva, un concierto acústico de folk mediterráneo con esencias orientales, lleno de sugerentes voces y instrumentos antiguos, que resulta una experiencia única… Love Sessions 2 es una obra altamente recomendada que no defraudará a nadie.”

by Mentenebre,, Italy / Spain

“After the first Love Session, with… Daemonia Nymphe, Lys and their European tour 2002, Louisa John-Krol and Francesco Banchini (GOR) recorded in France in Prikosnovenie Studio this second volume… in medieval city of Clisson: 16 tracks directed again by Lys (Frederic Chaplain)… atmosphere is heavenly with… Louisa’s exquisite voices and Francesco Banchini’s mystical instrumentations. Another time the music lambs Mediterranean, Provencal and Celtic lands in remote ages. The French harp of Mandragora added to the melancholic clarinet, mandolin, percussion and drums give… a touch of middle East… another great album from this French label. Like bonus on the cd there are 20 minutes of video includes live concert of the 2002 Love Sessions tour, scenes of the recording of Love Sessions 2, an interview with Louisa and Francesco. The multimedia element… includes full credits and lyrics.”

Sir Logia, Chain D.L.K., id#2723, Italy or France

“My wife and I we are in the fairies kingdom when we are listening your music!”

Olivier Marchand, from Paris, Myspace, 10 February 2008, France

“I’m always in tune with your music. Baci dall’Italia!” (after hosting LJK/Gor show in Arceto)

Elisabeth, LaRoseNoir, Myspace, 20 June 2008, Italy

“It was funny watching you talking on the little multi-media track (Love Sessions 2). Very cool.” (after meeting after the show at La Loco)

Stephane Leguay of Paris, email, 7 June 2006, France

“Hello Louisa… i love your voice, your ethereal and wonderful music.”

Ombeline, Myspace, 30 August 2008, France

“We love your heavenly voice!”

Mirabilis, Myspace, 9 October 2006, USA

“Exquisite one minute, haunting the next… I have always thought of music as …. ‘the life force’; contained in these compositions are beauty, fun, sadness, joy, yearning, finding, wonder.”

Ian Walker, emails / letters circa 2005 – 2008, UK