I hear the Water Dreaming

About this album


Collaborative album between Australian Louisa John-Krol & Italian ambient soundscapist Gianluigi Gasparetti (Oophoi), recorded in Australia and Italy circa 2002 – 2003

It keeps eternal whisperings around

Desolate shores, and with its mighty swell

Gluts twice ten thousand caverns, till the spell

Of Hecate leaves them their old shadowy sound…

John Keats: On the Sea

When the oldest cask is opened,

And the largest lamp is lit

With weeping and with laughter

Still is the story told,

How well Horatius kept the bridge

In the brave days of old.

Lord Macaulay: Lays of Ancient Rome


Tracks & Lyrics

(Only lyrics by Louisa are shown here)

#1. The Narni Owl

Midnight Meadow Owl of Umbria

Arcing over chimes of Nebula

Kiva Kings are dreaming shards of Time

Keening cry of lone Aeolian line

On your hill of snow

On your bed of loam

On your moon wing bow

On your storm windrow

#3. The Hour of Fauns

I’ve danced with waves

I’ve spoken with Time

I’ve drifted in space beyond human poems

I’ve known the sea that tumbles behind

My future, My armour,

I wander with crows.


At dusk, sing to the firedrakes

Above bombs that fall

And you creep to the Hour of Fauns

Caressing the corn.


No trees, with which to find relief

From leaf to limbo and relentless fees

Methinks it’s no journey –

Nereids are my dreams,

No womb divided from rumour

No armour, No war,

With feeding the tedium, the maw


Burying the Whisperers,

Falling into crevices of Dawn

Out on the Fields of Troy

The Hour of Fauns.


They hinder my window –

Away nimble night!

I am the leaf upon your flight.

#5. Cavern of Dreaming Shells

A little sound

Only a little, little

Only a stir, a sigh:

A wheeling world

Only a little –

Nightly winds roll by.


A little dream

Only a little, little

Only a roof of stars

A crescent moon

Slender and silver

Show where the islands are.


A little eye

Only a little, little

Only a door of shell:

A flaming sun

Fiery and golden

Glimmering pearl your bell.


A little boat

Only a little, little

Only a sail of snow:

A little trail

Salty and stormy

Thousands of leagues to row.

#6. The Whispering Valley

Nobody waiting, lonely Shadow;

The centuries aching – for tomorrow –

We are the Strangers of the Light Land

Alone but not lost, and Eternal


Over mountains

On the Other Side of Time

Where there is no Fame

In the Naming of un-named,

In the Whispering Valley.


A World half-known

By Guardians of the Poem

Before her old Foe.


We breathe the far air,

Reap the quiet gold

We search our sorrows,

And the yearning


For the Other Side of Time

Where our seeds were sown

In the shadow of the Flame

In the Whispering Valley


A World half-known

By Guardians of the Poem

Before her old Foe.


So now my strange Love

Hold your Secret!

We have so long gone,

And far to go.


To the Other Side of Time

Called to our True Home.



And if ye doubt the tale I tell

Steer through the South Pacific swell;

Go where the branching coral hives

Unending strife of endless lives

Rudyard Kipling: Many Inventions

In Italy, on the borders of Umbria, Lazia and Tuscona, Francesco and I stayed in a medieval castle that Gianluigi (Oophoi) & Alessandra Gasparetti had converted into Kiva Studios, with a home and guest rooms, on a mountain overlooking the town of Orte. ‘The Narni Owl’, a beautiful white ghostly bird, really did visit Gigi and Alessandra. A ghost also haunted them.

‘The Cavern of Shells’ alludes to the fossils of marine life still being upturned on that hill, hearkening back to a time when seas were higher… perhaps at the melting of glaciers from the last ice age?

Our non-lyric ambient piece, ‘A Vessel for Michael’, is dedicated to my father, The Hon. Michael John, who died in 2003.





2004: Prikosnovenie, France


Original soundsculpture: Oophoi (Gianluigi Gasparetti), created at The Kiva, Italy 2000 – 2005

Including passages from Mare Vaporum, Time Fragments, The dreams of shells, The Distant Cry of Liquid Webs and Whispering Fireflies at the edge of the night.

Melodies & Lyrics: Mark Krol & Louisa John-Krol

Instrumentation / Performance

Voice: Louisa John-Krol, recorded in Australia 2003 – 2005, recorded by Brett Taylor

Except #3 & #6, recorded by Harry Williamson

Bamboo Flutes, Singing Bowls, Crystals, Chimes, Monochord, Analogue Synths, Insect Samples: Oophoi

Rainstick, Mandolin, Bells, Windchime, Ocarina, Shells: Louisa John-Krol

Narnian Horn, Cymbals, Paper Drum, Keyboards #3: Harry Williamson

Programmed Percussion #1, Synth Loops, Vox Sample Effects #2: Brett Taylor

Mixed by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, Adelaide Hills, Australia, 2003 – 2005

Mastered by Frederic Chaplain (Lys) at Prikosnovenie in Clisson, France, 2005


Oophoi’s soundsculpture recorded at The Kiva, in Italy

Louisa’s vocals recorded by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, in Australia

Except #3, #6 recorded by Harry Williamson at Spring Studio, in Australia

Visual Art

Sabine Adelaide, in France

including ideas contributed by Alessandra Gasparetti, in Italy

Other Acknowledgements

Louisa thanks:

‘A Vessel for Michael’ is dedicated to my father, who died in 2003, and whom we see, sailing a boat in the sky. The music and inhabitants of Oophoi’s mountain home inspired other pieces. I am grateful to Gigi and Alessandra for their hospitality and creativity; to Francesco for the magic journey; and to Mark, Brett, Harry, Frederic & Sabine for their artistic contributions to this project – Louisa, 2005

Oophoi thanks:

I wish to thank Louisa John Krol for her beautiful work; her voice has given my music new, unknown depths, revealing unexplored spaces. This music is dedicated to all the aquatic creatures of our Universe, and to their dreams. Thanks to Frederic Chaplain and to the Prikosnovenie staff – Oophoi, 2005

Subsequent Tribute:

As we only recently learned of Gigi’s death this year, we are naturally grieving and would like time to consider how to respectfully write a suitable tribute for him here, that can stand as an extension of our collaboration. Thank you for your patience – Louisa.



Oophoi & Umbra Records, Italy, were respectively the name & label of Gianluigi Gasparetti, who died in 2013.

Louisa John-Krol, Australia: http://www.louisajohnkrol.com/

Frederic Chaplain, Prikosnovenie, France: http://www.prikosnovenie.com

Warning: Some of this music could invoke drowsiness, so is not recommended for driving.



“Italian ambient-artist Oophoi… with Australian singer Louisa-John Krol… a perfect match… delicate, angelic voice of Krol… reminds me of Kate Bush as well as of 3rd and the Mortal’s Kari Rueslatten. Oophoi creates… ambient, dreamy and not per se dark, in the vein of Steve Roach and Vidna Obmana… bamboo flutes, rainsticks, windchimes, analogue drones…. thick aquatic and feminine atmosphere. It’s not only the beautiful voice of Krol that makes the listener drift into watery dimensions. Oophoi’s creations are dense, glimmering and very varied in texture. Every song is a new watery pool to dive into. The vocalist adds a fairy-like feeling to Oophoi’s music with her voice, lyrics and song-titles such as ’Conversations between a wolf and a firefly’ and ‘The hour of fauns’… Especially recommended for all moody ambient-adepts longing for some variation. No mean, cold darkness here, but feminine warmth.”

Funprox, www.funprox.com, The Netherlands

“… Oophoi provides most of the wide ranging instrumental soundscape; Louisa all vocals and occasional percussion (with Brett Taylor and Harry Williamson), lyrics and melodies by Louisa and husband Mark. A mesmerising, beautiful release; atmospheric instrumental parts seem initially quite minimalist but after a few listens one realises that the work is more intricate… Louisa’s voice is on tip-top form. Enchanting.”

Mike Shankland, Oriflamme Journal 2005, (no longer online), England

“Louisa’s supple voice is just as much an instrument… as Lisa Gerrrard or Sylvia Nakkach…I have listened to this CD almost daily since I received it from Gigi… each listen yields layers of new subtleties… Louisa John-Krol could (and likely does) sing in other genres like pop, jazz,or classical. Judging by I Hear The Water Dreaming, she is about to become a major name in the ambient scene. Clearly one of the year’s top CDs.”

Gordon Danis, Hypnos Forum (extract), USA

“Oöphoi… bamboefluiten, zingende schalen, kristal, klokkenspel, synthesizers, insektengeluiden en andere sfeermakers een spannende rustieke atmosfeer… Louisa zingt… etherische, maar op een spookachtige, fluisterende manier… tussen Sheila Chandra en Loreena McKennitt… rustgevende met rainstick, mandoline, bellen, windklokkenspel, ocarina (bolvormige fluit), horn, percussie en schalen. Er staat een waarschuwing dat je beter niet kan rijden met deze muziek omdat het slaperigheid kan veroorzaken. Nou is de atmosfeer aan de ene kant heel erg zen en dromerig, maar aan de andere kant is deze ook bloedstollend en duister. Dus waarom zou je in slaap vallen bij een thriller? Wonderschone rust, terwijl je op de punt van je stoel zit. Ergens tussen een sprookje en de realiteit kan je heerlijk dagdromen op hun muziek…”

Jan Willem Broek, Senzor/Radio100/Subjectivisten/OOR Popencyclopedie, The Netherlands

“…musique féerique où le lien avec le classique est… proche. Mais… va beaucoup plus loin que cette simple comparaison… simplement magnifique… La musique, teintée d’instruments classiques voire celtiques n’est… des plus diverses mêlant les atmosphères aquatiques à des ambiances parfois beaucoup plus sombres… fermer les yeux et de voir tout un tas d’images défiler dans sa tête… la voix de Louisa John Krol… tout bonnement splendide, irréelle… Elle se fond au sein de la musique à la manière d’une véritable nappe ce qui confère à l’ensemble une unité indéniable… le temps s’arrête tout simplement…”

Lesacteurdelombre, www.lesacteursdelombre.com, France

“Krol, cantrice di lune e fate, capace nei suoi dischi d’incantare con la sua voce fatta di stelle e ombre… i due musicisti… comunicare paesaggi acquatici di un certo effetto… stiamo dalle parti di una pregevole new age… e con innegabili caratteristiche cinematografiche…”

Roberto Mandolini, Extramusic, www.extramusic.it & www.lesacteursdelombre.com, Italy

“Ooohoi… has many credits… over 20 CDs. Celestial Geometries is considered one of the five best space music CDs. His music creates abstract and surrealist soundscapes that take the listener beyond… known borders. Louisa John-Krol… can be soft and celestial, or very dark and goth-like. The two… present worlds never visited before and soundscapes that challenge the imagination… This CD takes music to new heights and dares the listener… Instrumentation includes bamboo flutes, singing bowls, crystals, rain sticks, mandolin, keyboards… highlights include ‘Conversations between a Wolf and a Firefly’ which could be… Monet’s Le Parlement…. haunting… space music, overdubbed by… Louisa John-Krol sometimes in distorted conversation, sometimes in echoed song… ‘The Whispering Valley’… very interesting lyrics…  voice takes command… while Oophoi backfills with a dark landscape…. contrast is incredible, like a brightly colored Paul Klee painting, complex in composition and very colorful… not New Age, more Electronica, very Nuevo…”

medievalcrusadesbabe “ebabsedasur claveidem”, Amazon, USA

“…meditative and tranquil… as mood music this can hardly be beat… The lovely front cover aptly describes the contents… ambient standout ‘A Vessel for Michael’.. for the singer’s father… she sees him ‘sailing a boat in the sky’. The hauntingly lovely tune is as touching as anything gets… very brave and inspired… “

Anna Maria Stjärnell, www.collectedsounds.com Sounds, Sweden

“…colaboración inédita entre Louisa John-Krol, ya conocida para los aficionados al estilo Prikos y… Oöphoi… activo en la música (“espacial”)… publicados en sellos independientes como Hic Sunt Leones, Amplexus, Hypnos, Nextera, Electroshock o Skean Dhu, creando su propio sello Umbra… fructíferas colaboraciones con Alio Die, Tau Ceti y Dust in Wind… Louisa John-Krol una fructífera carrera… una de las artistas fetiche del sello Prikosnovenie. En esta colaboración está muy definida la aportación de cada uno de los componentes… atmósferas etéreas… En ‘The Tour of Fauns’, la voz de Louisa recuerda a la de Gitane Demone, declamante… melodías en por parte de Oöphoi, creando un ambiente más oscuro…  ‘A Vassel for Michael’ es la otra pieza clave… la voz de Louisa explora registros de carácter étnico… bastante conseguida y el resultado es de una notable belleza… De este modo puedo recomendar este trabajos a los amantes del Ambient sin connotaciones oscuras y a los seguidores incondicionales de Louisa John-Krol.”

Pedro Ortega, Mentenebre, Spain

dilated… dreamy state where Oophoi’s ambient music meet Louisa’s chants… seven tracks (fifth divided into four movements: ‘Cavern of dreaming shelles’, ‘The dream of Cydron’, ‘The dream of Kalyh’, ‘The dream of narwal’)… create water like ambience… paragonable to a paused movie… image is still but… trembling, it seems to change colors… imagine taking a nap near a cascade… you start to hear distant siren’s chants…”

Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K.4, 5/5 id#2053, Italy

“like automatic writing… from a deep reservoir in the subconscious… Oophoi constructs…oceanic sounds. Drones… subliminal melodies… aural paintings of the depths. Louisa John-Krol wrote nascent melodies and lyrics… intriguing, half-told myths; shimmering… images dart and dodge like shoals of fish. John-Krol’s silver-toned voice unfurls and drifts through the sonic sea like flotsam… I Hear The Water Dreaming is what a collaboration between Kate Bush at her most ethereal and Eno at his most amorphous might sound like… angelic hymn ‘A Vessel for Michael’, tribute to John-Krol’s deceased father, rises like foam above the water.”

Craig Gidney , Heathen Harvest, England

“This is a great album and you have a very beautiful ethereal voice.”

Ian Walker, email, 28 September 2005, England

“I loved your work with Oophoi… very ambient and acquatic – cocoon music”

Stephane Leguay of Paris, email, 7 June 2006


“Our listeners love it. Very atmospheric sounds. So keep making the pearls…”

Marc de Raden, email, 11 Dec 2005, The Netherlands

“I’ll play for sure during sleepless nights”

Oleg Kolyada / Oda Relicta, email, 1 June 2006, Ukraine