About this album

Genre: Fantasy, Faery

50 elves from 15 nations unite in a trove of ethereal songs. In this soundtrack to my Elderbrook Chronicles – after 20 years of indie record labels – we draw upon fables, magic-realism, mythology, folklore & fairytales, mingling Celtic neo-medieval balladry with dreampop & classical ambience, from the melodic whimsy of Violin Velvet, to baroque blues of The Dwarf Of Barberry, plushness of Escalder The Green Lady and shimmering energy of Evander the Unicorn.

Elderbrook Portal: www.elderbrook.com.au


Tracks & Lyrics

Disc 1 – Escalder

#1. Fleeing the Flame

Duration: 1:30


Two teens, escaping from a bushfire in Australia, find themselves in another dimension.

#2. The Fountains of Alderbee

Duration: 3:41

How enchanted fountains learned the song of ancient seas, ever singing, murmuring, sighing.

Once upon a time in a land beneath a dream

Fountains learned the Song of a Faery sea

Echoing laughter glimmering in their gleam

Run, run an’ row to the City of Alderbee!


Would you be an imp on the barge of a water-street?

Sail into a shell with the memory of a leaf?

Listen down, listen long, to the Lorelei of the Deep,

Shimmer oh shingle, nymph an’ nixie ‘neath…


From the waterfall to the lake of Antiquity

Songpool flow, awaken Lemurian trees,

Come, come along with the paladin of the free

Can, can you hear the fountains of Alderbee?

#3. Hey Mr Shawnwort

Duration: 0:51

A shapeshifting cicada, who sometimes morphs into a toadstool…

Hey, Mr Shawnwort,

Give me your sweet understanding

Let them say we’re just a little crazy

So are the best people I know!

Hey Mr Shawnwort,

Your eyes are like the almonds on a gingerbread man,

Soft like a belly of a mossy saxifrage,

Full of all the joy we make – joy, joy!

#4. Borne ’Long Rivers

Duration: 4:06

A green-goblin Varn leads the humans down through passages of Elderbrook to his Moss Farm.

We followed after the stranger in the firelight

He said he’d like to lead any child from the Openland down

How human could we remain in this place? So we changed:

The candle called us through, and we came out in another space

Now, we are the Brain of the Seed:

Borne ‘long Rivers of Gold and Green…

There’s no way out of the Dreaming when you’ve got here –

For once you’re home again you’ll only wanna travel back this way

Like the sand calls to the sea; So, you’ll want to go to your dream!

Woreala! Amar Woreala!


Sometimes you let your soul fly ahead of you!

She dances where you dream, catching tree-claws in the dawn.

They left her tangled, laughing in the river-weed:

The strange thing’s, I don’t care if I never get her back again.

Nobody catches us, so we are free:

Now, we are the Brain of the Seed:

Borne ‘long Rivers of Gold and Green…

No longer can we tell, which is our real home.

#5. Violin Velvet

Duration: 3:01

An imp whose violin is made entirely of black velvet with a needle for a bow. Her cat and hat are black, too. She lives in caravans, busking in carnivals, street parades, or where magic is afoot.

Violin made of black velvet, strings of brocade:

Tunes are threads, weaving, braiding my tapestry of a parade

Violin Velvet, sew your song

Violin Velvet, won’t be long

Till I find a fountain where you may play on!

Needle for a bow, where your melody will go,

I don’t know, Violin Velvet…

#6. Escalder

Duration: 6:02

A montage of two earlier recordings, with additional parts:

(i) Escalder’s Spellbinding (from collaborative album Love Sessions Vol 1, recorded in France)

(ii) Escalder’s Tree Ride (from our 5th solo CD Apple Pentacle, recorded in Australia)

(i) Escalder’s Spellbinding


English trans of Farsi:

Don’t ask the world her secrets, she will hide

Hide them from your gaze and turn her face aside


I am the Faerie no-one sees, I am the Witch for cursing,

I am the Story nobody reads, for nobody knows the words!

See her dancing in the Fountainsong, see the Lady in Green

she will lead you to a distant land

and shadow you in your dreams


Oh willow on the water could not be greener than me!

I shall be Queen of Alderbee and powerful as the sea.


I’ve a Harpist in my head, colder than the moonlight,

he will hold me for Eternity

and follow me through the sunlight

Oh willow on the water…


Well I’ve a tale on a cursing loom causing lovers to fall:

There a unicorn will break his heart

for love at Sir Malder’s Castle

Who’ll dare to stop me or am I beyond your reach?

Don’t stand before a Lady, you shall walk beside me!


(ii) Escalder’s Tree Ride


You want me down darling, let me be!

For I am in love with the Lord of a Tree

and I’m riding to the good Sir Malder.


Don’t ask the world her secrets, she will hide

Hide them from your gaze and turn her face aside


Saraway told me he was lithe as the wings of bees

but he got his blood from the Mountain –

Told me I’d find him in the body of Tree

where his blood flows back to the Mountain –

So I stole through his spirit

like a beetle in the shivering seas,

I was lost in here for centuries, for the love of Tree

Of the seven seas inside you, Time is only one:

I stirred them all as I floated through

an’ then my fingers touched the ground.

You want me down darling, let me be!

For I am in love with the Lord of a Tree

and I’m riding to the good Sir Malder.

#7. The Green Lady

Duration: 5:42

Another song about The Green Lady Escalder, enchantress of Fountains

Well The Green Lady they call her in this life,

‘Escalder’ she likes to call herself;

There’s a bitter minstrel calls her ‘The Cold Heart’

So The Green Lady spins ribbons out of the rainfall

as she sings in the fountains of her mind.

She dreams of some lost love whom she cries to…


When you stumble through the forest,

When Circe’s raiment touches your eyes

And you realise

You’re a fragment of sand, lost in the void

Searching for incarnation


She’s a dreadful temper, she is your nightmare,

She keeps an angry demon in her soul;

She is mild and gentle when you please her –

But to love is to see what goes beyond eyes

And to hear is to peel away her words;

And to free her you must become her prisoner.


Now The Green Lady rode on down rain through an old tree

That’s where her sister stole her seed

He laughed in her eyes the words she hates to hear:

“Don’t you bind me!”


Don’t bind me into categories!

Nixie renegade, winsome conjurer,

You’re mad, mad, a contradiction honey!

Spin your ribbons of rainfall…

Savage Lady, I want to be held so tightly against you

Wish I were sleeping…

Yeah, but then I might not dream of you again.

#8. Yerandle

Duration: 1:26

An ancestral elf of Elderbrook’s history, conjures Old Magic

I lit incense of cedar and sandalwood

(Hear us Yerandle – write it all down!)

It blows a genie trail over my light

(Read us Yerandle – match it with sound!)

For we are turning and coiling away

And the smoke ‘n’ scent won’t last a half of this night


Ooway-owio and I am smoke in a storm:

Unsheath your long sword,

Tonight I’m hunting!

Fetch me my quiver and bring me my bow –

Meet me in the Wolf Grove,

Tonight I’m hunting!

Naked and Sacred and White as a Bone.


I took an acorn and cut it three and two

(Hear us Yerandle – write it all down!)

I drew a genie with briars for shoes

(Read us Yerandle – match it with sound!)

Folded his feet in the scar of the seed

And buried my love where no mortal could see.

#9. Way

Duration: 2:43

A procession in Elderbrook, full of vibrant cosmopolitan bonhomie

Hey down Here, Way down Where,

Trust in me, Destiny!


Hey down Here you’ll find a beginning;

Way down Where there isn’t an end

Still Somewhere there is a believing,

Trust in me, I’ll tell you again…


When King Tobiar Snork

Calls you to come to Court

Then people start to talk

And ghosts begin to walk


Usher in the Rogue Astrologer

Who has a Wandering Eye

Sending it round the Universe

Such a formidable Spy!


Hail to Anstarberous

Destiny comes to pass

Roll out your Eye of Mind

Unfurl the Sail of Time


Hey down Here, Way down Where,

Trust in me, Destiny!

#10. Fountainsong

Duration: 3:32

Alternative title: ‘The Singing Fountains’

English trans of Spanish:

You can hear the magical fountain singing

it springs its voice so vivid yet so delicate

and its melodies will be the seed

of sweet legends that drink out of clear waters

and pure glass

#11. River Knowing

Duration: 4:54

Alternative title: ‘Elderbrook’; title-track

River in our blood, river all our people

River through our dance into dreams

rolling down from the sky, how do I know you?

River in your eyes, river of your memory

River over the wall between your fate and mine

across time, how do I know you?

River in my hair, river in your longing,

river into our arms, Elderbrook, Elderbrook!

River of our knowing,

River over our feet, river onto your future

River of our minds, river ever searching,

River out of the dark in the Dreaming

where we become One

How do I know you?

River to my heart, river from our ancestors,

River to our souls, river always whispering,

River under our hands

in the bark of the eucalypt now, how do I know you?

Elderbrook, Elderbrook!

Land under the River under the River…

#12. The Dwarf of Barberry

Duration: 2:59

Together with his three henchmen – Quilp, Paxsniff and Slime – this pirate-dwarf thrives on mischief.

Well there’s Seelie and the Unseelie and the Dwarf of Barberry,

his beard is a bush as big as a hedge and I’m in his coterie.

With a twiddly-dum and a dulcie-dee you’d better come with me

for the King of the Wood had signed a pledge

with the Dwarf of Barberry.

He said: “Tuppence to you!”


I’m Candlewick, I love to jig with the Jinn, cocksparrow and bee,

and they tell me he’s up to no good, that Dwarf of Barberry Wood

So press the apple with your toe as you dance the Dainty Four,

press the bosom to your book and hear the Woodland roar –

He said: “Tuppence to you!”


Well Dulcinea is on my arm and Djinn is on my nose,

and Featherbell is in your ear – this is how she goes:


#13. Fontaines Enchantees

Duration: 4:38

A suite of six tunes about creatures who live in or around the Singing Fountains, which are enchanted

(i) The Elf and the Waterimp

(ii) Flume

(iii) A Cascade of Goblins

(iv) Chimera

(v) Sundial

(vi) Hurdy Gurdy Goblin

The Elf and the Water Imp: kora & dulcimer converse.


Flume, the smallest fountain:


Underground, birds are landing two-by-two

Water spout, little font, thy name is Flume.


A Cascade of Gargoyles: frogs are the singers.


Chimera: Kloh’s mascot, Chimmy, shakes his three heads:


Shimmer on Chimmy!

Three heads a chimera

Three shakes, three riders,

Shimmer on, Chimera


Sundial: an ancient clock, showing time by shadow cast

upon stone, being under Escalder’s spell, has a time-warp.


Hurdy Gurdy Goblin plays in Elderbrook parades.

#14. Eoarvah

Duration: 5:16

Eoarvah is a frog spirit by a song pool, where elementals bathe with the Moon.
Amar Woreala is my incantation to conjure them.

Did you say we’ve been out here in the right place?

Could you tell I’ve been afraid lately?

All my life, seems to wind (weave) way out of history

Like a long vine on a stream


I heard Eoarvah cry: ‘Amar Woreala!’

Amar woreala, does the sun cry in the ocean?

Amar woreala, does the sun die in the ocean?


(instrumental interlude, string quartet)


I heard Eoarvah cry: Amar Woreala

Oooh… Amar Woreala!

Oh, who said the sun died?

Slow moon, don’t say the sun died in the ocean

He sleeps in the twilight

Another year gone – all for the Silence.


Dark water, turn my soul, into the whisper of a sleeping faun

Blind water, take my fears to the river of fallen leaves

Quiet water, leave my pain to slumber again, again

All my fallen dreams… All the fallen leaves

Does the sun cry/ die in the ocean? Dark water, fallen leaves

#15. Kloh

Duration: 3:51

Kloh of the Kora, a blue-black elf, is the greatest court bard in Elderbrook.

Balladeer sing high, Balladeer sing low,

Troubadour a harpist on the roam;

Strumming in the sky, whirling in the snow

Thrumming every tendril in the loam…

Green goblins making brave companions

Loyal myrtle to a throne

Kloh spins a name of silk and amber

You’ll never be alone.


Never letting them know, never letting it show

Never say you saw me on the road –

Better say it was no bone of a minstrel

Never tell the Lady I am Kloh!

Say, what you saw was just a shadow,

Only a dreamer coming home.

Disc 2 – Evander

#1. Antiquity

Duration: 5:53

Possibly the oldest of my songs ever to appear on any CD, this dates back to my early teens. I wrote it under the stars, nursing a guitar with a cat beside me on a fence in bushland of Junortoun.

I walked down to the lake in Malnerholm;

Saw a man with weary eyes an’ a heavy load; he said,

“I am troubled because I have answers that don’t satisfy me”

I told him: If you want to know…


Go, ask the stars that no-one has seen,

Where they shine between those galaxies far from home!

Go question the sunless night – through an eagle’s eye –

While the songs and seas… are calling to Antiquity.


So we talked and turned each others’ thoughts around;

Well he told me, “Life is a shadow of the mind…”

Search inside and lay your questions down:


How many people are to be born?

How long the tide will rise an’ fall,

Maybe time means nothing at all?

Ask the moon when she’ll refuse to shine,

borrow the prophet’s eyes

But the songs and seas are calling to Antiquity.


There’s a kind of reason that we’ve both denied;

don’t ask me why

Just go, ask the stars…

We’re calling… Calling to Antiquity…

And the songs an’ the seas, they’re calling back

Calling right back now, calling… to Antiquity.

#2. Evander the Unicorn

Duration: 5:35

From Kalinothorn, home of unicorns, comes Evander.
Like many unicorns he visits Malnerholm, home of dryads, to drink from Lake Antiquity.
Both Kalinothorn and Malnerholm are sisterlands of Elderbrook.

There are seas alive, moving in Evander’s eyes:

They tell of ageless nights, centuries of souls on fire…

Love me in the moonlight! Press me to your silken hide;

Set me down, by the River where Evander rides.


And I think you know what it takes to give:

You’ve got love as deep as the earth!

I would fling my soul to Kalinothorn

Just to ride with you, Evander.

In the morning – you surrender

In the evening – you remember


Just a call from the Unicorn sends me into haunted sleep;

Now you’re here an’ we’re talking, feel my soul keeping time with you

Fold me in the shadows! Wrap me in your silken mane;

Now the whole dark country is whispering Evander’s name…


And I think you know… etc (as above, chorus)

Won’t you love me – in the moonlight?

Won’t you roll me – in the shadows?

Won’t you love me – in the moonlight…

#3. Gnome Song

Duration: 4:35

Perhaps the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most innocent protagonist of the Elderbrook Chronicles is a moss farmer: a gnome by the name of Navington.

Gnome Song be my guide, shed light on our dreams tonight

You’re lonely and cold, well I’m frightened and lonely too.

Sing Amar Woreala, weave the Spirit of Changing here…

Hide, emerald Eoarvah; drink hearts of a thousand years.


Why is there no love for me?

When I have so much love inside!

Gnomic faith gives me hope to hear,

Voices that I can believe.


So we’ll sing Amar Woreala…

Hide, emerald Eoarvah


If I had a baby gnome, with two fine little wrinkly feet;

I’d build him a tiny home, oh: my, what a pair we’d be!

I’ll believe I’ll find, oh I believe I’ll find –

One of those voices is mine.

Gnome Song be my guide, shed light on our dreams tonight.

#4. Contradiction is the Dragon (scale mix)

Duration: 6:32

Originally on our 2nd CD Alexandria, now with additional parts including two recitals: first in Japanese, then in Mandarin.

Out on the colder mornings, through a city of red snow;

Over the arc of reason, you can’t tell it whole, no, no


Contradiction is the Dragon –

fly off with the crow!

Blackbirds scurry through the snow

windows crack ‘n’ groan.


Fly over the fortress, gleam under the rook…

Your eyes are the roaming soul of air

Climb the stair, climb the stair of you!


Sure as cities crumble over seven seas, fall over my life

As I gaze into your face – there I see the Dragon!


Contradiction is the Dragon…

#5. Starkey

Duration: 0:15


One of three dragons: Old Rig, Starkey and Wisp.

#6. Fly Away

Duration: 2:18

Lullaby for the elderdragons, whom Escalder The Green Lady had cast into slumber beneath rocks, or transformed into statues of fountains.

Away, away, away, oh why don’t you fly Wisp a’ high away

Make haste, don’t wait, we say,

oh why don’t you fly Wisp o’ high away?

So fly, into the Hall, nigh Saraway!

Fly, into the Fall, never stay.

Away, away, away, oh why don’t you fly Wisp a’ high away

Dear fey, don’t you be late,

oh why don’t you fly Wisp o’ high away?

So fly, into the Hall, nigh Saraway!

Fly, into the Fall, there you’ll stay.

Away, away, away, oh why don’t you fly Wisp a’ high away

Be brave, defy the grave,

oh why don’t you fly Wisp a’ high away?

(hi thee away!)


Overlapping lines:

Old Rig wake, Starkey’s under the fountain,

Jack, make haste, hope is on her way!

Elderdragon, soon awaken, prophecy to make,

paint your wagon,

hoist your flagon, any spell can break.

Semi-hidden lines:

Wizardry, Witchery, Sorcery!

come to the woodland where dryads sleep

and trees are invisible till you see

with vision not physical; it’s eternal!

Wandering Eye of Anstarberous, sigh for your golden days

Into the light of the dancing Djinn… fly high away!

would sweet mother sister nephew

nigh one another, know it the song our rainbow

shining here hush one dear

always dreaming wild fly ever thee are

#7. Ice Lion

Duration: 2:09


Dulcinea, Empress of Sardathrion, is a giant snow lion, enthroned between sphinxes and lynxes, with a canopy of dreaming pearls and spires that reach so high, they pierce the rooves of other galaxies. Her friends include Tilly the Bumblebee, unicorns of Kalinothorn and inhabitants of the High Stables of the Pegasi.

#8. Talaria

Duration: 4:08

A revelry for sylphs, and a tribute to Hermes’ Sandals of Talaria in Greek mythology.

Talaria! May the winged sandals bear you far

From the bow of the Messenger

Golden in possession of your star


Rose can be gold, too bright n’ hot to hold

All your vision wrapped around a soul


Words they can sing, quicksilver on the wing

All your sylphs are dancing in a ring


Second lyric layer (half hidden):

Green Man, Fiddler dive into the Rowan tree

Wine brown, leaping and lithe

over the Olive, over the Olive

Trickster, tickle your knee, twirling on your sandals

Fleet as Mercury, leapin’ tree to tree

Jack Green, squiggly bee, in a Corroborree,

Sun gold over the Lee, Didgeridoodle Dee

Red Gum, twiddly dum, twiddly dee to freedom,

Shed some Wattle and Rum

into the Apple, into the Elder Tree.


Gentle faery, shine sweet berry,

make you merry, wine, rosemary,

Bring your fey glory, sing your bird stories,

oh we’re green crazy, so let’s fly, sylvan high


Third lyric layer (hidden):

Come fly with me wild love, cascade the clouds above

Bold in your staff and cloak, stealthy with every stroke

Embrace the dreamer’s dare, glissade the gleaming air

Then soar with me my dove, enjoin the trees of love

Talaria – Tala – la – la – la!

#9. Dreamdawn

Duration: 2:52

A hearth song for moss farmers, travellers and minstrels.
Featuring Jenni Heinrich on viola.

Green light, frost on the seedling;

Kloh weaves his legend again,

Slip away, listen, the sand-grains are shifting,

None of you ever the same:

Rise up, wee goblins and sing, come dancing,

Soon we’re all going to fly!


Catch my eye and hold it there,

You’ll see a heart laid bare,

Come into an elfin dream buried in your soul;

Touch, my hand, no hold it firmly and never let go

And you’ll see a peace in me, even when you go.


And the sand holds fast where the elves are,

Down where the old waves roar!

Frost rides, high on the firefly,

Over the bright star-lore;

Rise up, ye faerie and dance, we’re waiting,

Up on the stealing shore!

#10. Galaxies

Duration: 0:16

Reach for the vortex: alchemy of time, playground of the mighty djinn who whirl around our planets, slipping in and out of universes. When, or why, do our dimensions overlap?

#11. Ludos

Duration: 3:50

Alternative title: ‘Game of the Elements’.

Water, Earth, Fire, Air.
There are four volumes in the Elderbrook Chronicles, each concerning a quest to re-balance the elements not only of Elderbrook but also its sister lands – Malnerholm, Sardathrion, Kalinothorn, Artoon and our own world, Earth (the Openland).

Water, Earth, Fire, Air…

Flame of the bow and arrow

Athame of the stone that turned

Taming a sundial shadow is like

Naming a dragon spurned

Water, Earth, Fire, Air…

#12. Inside the Bubble (nixie mix)

Duration: 2:30

A sweet, loyal fountain fairy

And I will disappear, and see your smile

And I will tell the fear – to say goodnight;

Whenever you’re in trouble, I will always carry you

There inside the bubble, I will always be with you

And I will disappear, and see you smile

And I will tell the fear – to say goodnight!

Whenever you’re in trouble, I will always carry you

There inside the bubble, I will always be with you,

I will always be with you, I will always…

#13. Thelderbrin

Duration: 7:18

A powerful dryad, also known as The Lord of the Tree, or King of the Wood.
These are the memories of an ancient tree, perhaps through many incarnations.

Hum, Thelderbrin, come down again

into the Lovely Loam, your roots had made a home

where dryads roam…

Dryad of the bay tree, Time winds about your feet

Apple Tree Man, Apple Tree Man, Apple Apple Apple Tree Man

Mulberry, mulberry, shelter thee… in the sands, dryad…

Nereus, Galatea, Panope, Leucothea, Oceanus, Proteus, Poseidon,

Nereus, Nereus, Nereus! Now, in the sands!

#14. Fountains Finale

Duration: 4:05

Our theme song returns again, this time with a haunting farewell, as ghosts churn, tumble, rise and fall through enchanted dreaming.

#15. Antiquity (acoustic mix)

Duration: 5:25

How it sounded when I first wrote it, in my teens, on a sun-cracked wooden fence under the stars at the family homestead in Junortoun, in bushland around Bendigo.



And I would please the hapless faun,

Buried under the sleepy ground,

With mirthful songs before the dawn.

– W.B. Yeats: The Song of the Happy Shepherd



Concept, Direction, Lyrics, Melodies: Louisa John-Krol
material spanning 1981-2017

In brief, song-by-song

[Credits in alphabetical order of participants follows in more detail]

Disc 1 – Escalder:

1) Fleeing the Flame

Production by Nicholas Albanis, Gilbert Albanis, Brett Taylor, foreshadowing Jean-Christophe d’Arnell Andréa’s parts in Eoarvah.

2) The Fountains of Alderbee

LJK’s Vocals recorded by Jack Setton. Mandolin & Sansula recorded by Brett Taylor.

Woodwinds by Priscilla Hernandez, Harp by Kelly Miller-Lopez of Woodland, Vox by both.

3) Hey Mr Shawnwort

Recorded by Nicholas Albanis, who also performed Percussion (Rek).

4) Borne ’Long Rivers

Recorded by Harry Williamson. Trumpet performed by Liam Taylor.

5) Violin Velvet

Mellotron, Guitar & Dulcimer played and recorded by Nicholas Albanis. Violin solo by Jessica Bell recorded by Jack Setton.

6) Escalder

Montage of two earlier recordings, with additional parts:

(i) Escalder’s Spellbinding (from collaborative album Love Sessions Vol 1, recorded in France)

(ii) Escalder’s Tree Ride (from our 5th solo CD Apple Pentacle, recorded in Australia):

Francesco Banchini on Clarinet [i] and Harry Williamson on Cymbalom & 12-string [ii].

7) The Green Lady

Production, arrangement & instrumentation by Brett Taylor. Flute by Samantha Taylor.

8) Yerandle

Chants by Liz Van Dort. Recorded by Harry Williamson.

9) Way

Bron Lloyd on hurdy-gurdy & backing Vox and Kim Brown on bouzouki, and backing Vox by Nicholas Goss & Jessica Goss. Recorded & arranged by Jack Setton.

10) Fountainsong

Priscilla Hernandez (Spanish Recital, Vocals, Woodwinds) & Kelly Miller-Lopez (Vocals, Harp) produced by Brett Taylor.

11) River Knowing

Richard Allison on Piano, Millie Heinrich on Clarinet, guest Vox by Harry Williamson, Catherine Goss & Lucy Goss. Produced by Harry Williamson, except for 2nd Clarinet, recorded by Nicholas Albanis.

12) The Dwarf of Barberry

Louise Radcliffe-Smith on Saucepan Drum, with Harry Williamson playing the impecunious rapscallion dwarf.

13) Fontaines Enchantees

(i) The Elf and the Waterimp

(ii) Flume

(iii) A Cascade of Goblins

(iv) Chimera

(v) Sundial

(vi) Hurdy Gurdy Goblin

Kora recorded by Jack Sutton, arranged & produced by Nicholas Albanis. Hurdy Gurdy by Bron Lloyd. Bouzouki by Kim Brown.

14) Eoarvah

Jean-Christophe d’Arnell Andrea from Collection d’Arnell Andréa, and Phil Setton (arranger/conductor) with Silo String Quartet.

15) Kloh

Composition by Mark Krol with Louisa John-Krol, arranged by Brett Taylor. Mandolin by Louisa John-Krol. Flute by Samantha Taylor.

Disc 2: Evander

1) Antiquity

Louisa on Vocal & acoustic Guitar, Simon Lewis on Vibraphone, Trumpet by Liam Taylor, Birds & contributions by Phil Setton, recorded across two studios by Jack Setton & Brett Taylor (final mix by Brett Taylor)

2) Evander the Unicorn

Dulcimer: Nicholas Albanis

Recorded by both Jack Setton and Brett Taylor (arranger/producer of this final version)

3) Gnome Song

Vocal & acoustic Guitar by Louisa. Recorded and co-arranged by Harry Williamson.

4) Contradiction is the Dragon (scale mix)

Originally on our 2nd CD Alexandria, co-composed with Mark Krol, recorded and co-arranged with Harry Williamson, including Paper Drum played with paintbrushes, Vietnamese Gong and Tiple, now with additional parts including two recitals: first in Japanese, then in Mandarin, with guests Aimi & Sarah Hatigan, and Theodore Wohng respectively. This mix by Jack Setton.

5) Starkey

Instrumental by Liam Taylor, performing trumpet. Produced by Brett Taylor.

6) Fly Away

Hubby & co-songwriter Mark Krol wrote the main melody and most of these lyrics, in a spirit akin to that of other avian, sylvan, fey songs that he/we concocted over the years from ‘Ariel’s Flight’ on Alexandria, to ‘Fae’ on Djinn. Harry Williamson provided lush, evocative soundscaping.

7) Ice Lion

Instrumental by Skye Taylor, performing Violin.

Production & arrangement by Brett Taylor.

8) Dreamdawn

Featuring Jenni Heinrich on Viola. Recorded by Harry Williamson.

9) Talaria

Featuring Lizzy Rose (voice effects) & Richard Allison (arranger/conductor) with Silo String Quartet. Recorded & edited by Jack Setton. Final mix by Brett Taylor.

10) Galaxies

Fabulous Vocal harmonies by Brett Taylor in divine isolation from chorus of ‘Antiquity’.

11) Ludos

Co-composed with special guest Olaf Parusel of Stoa, recorded in both Australia & Germany.

Final mix by Brett Taylor.

12) Inside the Bubble (nixie mix)

From our first CD Argo (and composed by Mark Krol), recorded by Harry Williamson, revision brings an additional instrumental passage of Kora in the tail, recorded by Jack Setton, bounced by Nicholas Albanis to the original recording.

13) Thelderbrin

Featuring Mathias Grassow (ambient wizard), Adrienne Piggott (dryad voices) & Paul Gooding (accordion). Produced by Brett Taylor.

14) Fountains Finale

Featuring Recitals in German by Olaf Parusel and Alexandra Froeb. Final mix by Brett Taylor.

15) Antiquity (acoustic mix)

Recorded & mixed by Jack Setton.

Credits as per printed booklet in alphabetical order of contributors:


Nicholas Albanis: co-comp. Violin Velvet, arr. Fontaines Enchantées.

Richard Allison: Piano plumes: River Knowing; String Quartet score: Talaria.

Francesco Banchini: co-arr. Escalder [i].

Jean Christophe d’Arnell Andréa: French lyrics, co-arr. Eoarvah.

Abolqasem Ferdowsi, Farsi lines: Escalder, from Sekandar’s conquest, Shahnameh.

Alexandra Froeb: German poetry: Fountains Finale.

Mathias Grassow: ambient soundscape: Thelderbrin.

Hisae Hatigan: Japanese poetry: Contradiction is the Dragon scale mix.

Jenni Heinrich: Viola lines: Dreamdawn.

Millie Heinrich: Clarinet lines: River Knowing.

Priscilla Hernandez: Spanish lyrics: Fountainsong.

Mark Krol: lyrics & melodies: Kloh, Fly Away, Inside the Bubble; input to The Green Lady.

Olaf Parusel: music: Ludos; German poetry & Digital Arrangements: Fountains Finale.

Jack Setton: co-arr. Escalder, Way, Eoarvah, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Talaria.

Phil Setton: co-arr. Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, String Quartet score: Eoarvah.

Brett Taylor: co-arr. The Fountains of Alderbee, The Green Lady, Fountainsong, Kloh, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Starkey, Ice Lion, Galaxies, Thelderbrin, Fountains Finale.

Liam Taylor: Trumpet lines in Starkey.

Skye Taylor: Violin lines in Starkey & Ice Lion.

Harry Williamson: co-arr. Borne ’Long Rivers, Escalder [ii], River Knowing, Gnome Song, Contradiction is the Dragon, Digital Orchestration Fly Away.

Theodore Wohng: Mandarin poetry: Contradiction is the Dragon scale mix.


Louisa John-Krol

ADDITIONAL VOCALISTS including character play & recital:

Jean-Christophe d’Arnell Andréa: French & English vocals: Fleeing the Flame & Eoarvah.

Alexandra Froeb: German recital: Fountains Finale.

Catherine Goss, Lucy Goss: River Knowing; Jessica Goss, Nicholas Goss: Way.

Aimi Hatigan, Sarah Hatigan: Japanese recitals: Contradiction is the Dragon scale mix.

Priscilla Hernandez: singing: The Fountains of Alberbee, Fountainsong, Fountains Finale, Spanish recital: Fountainsong.

Bron Lloyd: singing harmonies: Way.

Kelly Miller-Lopez: singing: The Fountains of Alderbee, Fountainsong, Fountains Finale.

Olaf Parusel: male vocals: Ludos, German recital: Fountains Finale.

Adrienne Piggott: dryad singing: Thelderbrin.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Rose: sylphs whistling, chirruping, sighing: Talaria.

Phil Setton: male vocal harmonies: Evander the Unicorn.

Brett Taylor: male vocal harmonies: Antiquity, Galaxies.

Liz Van Dort: incantations: Yerandle.

Harry Williamson: hunter chants: Yerandle, river spirit: River Knowing, impecunious rapscallion dwarf: The Dwarf of Barberry.

Theodore Wohng: Mandarin recital: Contradiction is the Dragon scale mix.

Zeinabosadat Yazdanfar: Farsi recital: Escalder.


Gilbert Albanis: bushfire effects: Fleeing the Flame.

Nicholas Albanis: Dulcimer: Violin Velvet, Fontaines Enchantées, Evander the Unicorn; Mellotron, acoustic Guitar: Violin Velvet; Rek Percussion: Hey Mr Shawnwort, Fire: Fleeing the Flame; Sundial Time-warp: Fontaines Enchantées.

Richard Allison: Piano embellishment: River Knowing; Orchestral Midi, Piano: Talaria.

Francesco Banchini: Clarinet, Flute, Bendir, Cymbal: Escalder [i].

Aaron Barnden: 1st Violin: Eoarvah, Talaria.

Jessica Bell: 2nd Violin: Eoarvah, Talaria; solo violin: Violin Velvet.

Kim Brown: Bouzouki: Way, Fontaines Enchantées.

Ceridwen Davies: Viola: Eoarvah, Talaria.

Jean-Christophe d’Arnell Andrea: Synths, Percussion: Eoarvah.

Paul Gooding: Accordion: Thelderbrin.

Mathias Grassow: Synths: Thelderbrin.

Jenni Heinrich: Viola: Dreamdawn.

Millie Heinrich: Clarinet: River Knowing.

Priscilla Hernandez: Chalumeau, Whistle, Bansuri: The Fountains of Alderbee, Fountainsong, Fountains Finale.

Bron Lloyd: Hurdy-Gurdy: Fontaines Enchantées.

Louisa John-Krol: all Mandolin, Sansula, Ocarina, Chimes, Elephant Bells, Tingsha, Dragon-scale curtain; Rainstick: Dreamdawn; 2nd Harmonica: The Dwarf of Barberry; Acoustic Guitar: Borne ’Long Rivers, Gnome Song, Contradiction is the Dragon; Fly Away, both versions of Antiquity; Firesticks: Yerandle; Stream: Fontaines Enchantées; Piano: main riff River Knowing, Inside the Bubble; Harpsichord, Xylophone: Evander the Unicorn; Glockenspiel: Gnome Song, Dreamdawn; Underground Doors: Borne ’Long Rivers;

Kelly Miller-Lopez: Harp: The Fountains of Alderbee, Fountainsong, Fountains Finale.

Simon Lewis: Vibraphone: Antiquity; Kora: Way, Fontaines Enchantées, Inside the Bubble nixie mix.

Caerwen Martin: Cello: Eoarvah, Talaria.

Olaf Parusel: Keyboards, Digital Orchestra, Percussion: Ludos, Fountains Finale.

Louise Radcliffe-Smith: Saucepan Drum: The Dwarf of Barberry.

Jack Setton: Processional Drums, Digital Ney: Way; Cymbal, Tambourine, Triangle, Bell-Tree and/or other Percussion: Eoarvah, Antiquity #16, Evander the Unicorn, Talaria; Soaring Stars Synth: Antiquity #16.

Phil Setton: Ukulele, Electric Piano, Synths: Evander the Unicorn; Bass Guitar: Antiquity #16, Guitar harmonic thrums: Antiquity, both versions.

Brett Taylor: Bass Guitar: The Green Lady, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Talaria; Electric Guitar: The Green Lady, Evander the Unicorn; Supernova: Kloh; Piano/Keyboards: The Fountains of Alderbee, The Green Lady, Fountainsong, Kloh, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn; Hurricane roar: Fleeing the Flame; Classical, Acoustic or 12-string Guitar: The Green Lady, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn; Digital Orchestra: The Green Lady, Kloh, Antiquity, Ice Lion, input to Ludos; Recorder, Whistle: The Green Lady, Kloh, Talaria; Percussion including Drum-kit, Timpani, Clay drums, Darbouka: The Green Lady, Eoarvah, Kloh, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Ludos.

Liam Taylor: Trumpet: Borne ’Long Rivers, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Starkey.

Samantha Taylor: Flute: The Green Lady, Kloh, Antiquity, Evander the Unicorn, Talaria.

Skye Taylor: Violin: Starkey, Ice Lion.

Harry Williamson: Charango, Tiple: Borne ’Long Rivers, Contradiction is the Dragon, Fly Away; 12-string: Escalder, River Knowing; Triangle: River Knowing; Güiro: Borne ’Long Rivers; Cymbalom/ Hammered Dulcimer: Escalder [ii]; Sea-shingle-shoal: Dreamdawn; Bass Guitar: Borne ’Long Rivers, River Knowing, The Dwarf of Barberry; Keyboard, Digital Horns, Harp, Organ: Borne ‘Long Rivers, River Knowing, The Dwarf of Barberry, Gnome Song, Contradiction is the Dragon, Fly Away; 1st Harmonica, Surdo, Cart, Coins: The Dwarf of Barberry; Gong, Paper Drum with paintbrushes: Contradiction is the Dragon; Tabla, Bongo, Chas-Chas: Yerandle, The Dwarf of Barberry, Contradiction is the Dragon.

Silo String Quartet: Eoarvah: scored & conducted by Phil Setton, transcribing LJK’s guide vox ; Talaria: scored & conducted by Richard Allison, adapting LJK’s tunes & Tremolo idea ; Violin 1: Aaron Barnden, Violin 2: Jessica Bell, Viola: Ceridwen Davies, Cello: Caerwen Martin, Artistic Director.


Australian Birds: Antiquity, Fontaines Enchantées, Talaria, licensed from Listening Earth:

Variegated Fairy Wren (Malurus lamberti), Australian Magpie (Cracticus tibicen),

Scarlet Robin (Petroica boodang), Singing Honeyeater (Lichenostomus virescens):

Selections of #1, #12, #13, #3, #4 on Favourite Australian Bird Song – Pure Nature Sounds.

‘Pakenham Evening Frog Choir and the Feathered Dawn Chorus’, from Cerulean by Lothlorien, courtesy Nic Morrey.

Other Samples courtesy of French label Prikosnovénie & artists’ permission:

Sitar (Evander): from ‘Simurgh’ #1 on Seraphim: Irfan, Bulgaria

Duduk (Evander): ‘Floraison’ on Hayaku: Crista Galli, France

Duduk & Viol (Escalder): from ‘Racines’ on Matrice d’eau: Crista Galli, France


Details as to which producer recorded/ arranged/mixed each song, are on the CD booklet.


Pilgrim Arts, Brett Taylor

Spring Studio, Harry Williamson

Crustacean Creations, Nicholas Albanis of Dandelion Wine

Brunswick Arranging, Richard Allison

Mad Cat Sound, Jack Setton


Stoic Studios, Olaf Parusel of Stoa: Ludos, Fountains Finale

Akroasis, Mathias Grassow: Thelderbrin, from The Humming Tree


Screening Room, Jean-Christophe d’Arnell Andréa: Eoarvah

Magic Mastering, Prikosnovénie, Fredéric Chaplain of Lys: Escalder [i] from Love Sessions Vol I


Yidneth, Priscilla Hernandez: The Fountains of Alderbee, Fountainsong, Fountains Finale


Woodland, Kelly Miller-Lopez: ibid


Brett Taylor, Pilgrim Arts


Kimberley Brown Graphic Design


Sabine-Adelaide: Teacher the Elf, Navington the Gnome

Kim Brown: Background imaging/digital art

Nicholas Goss: Thelderbrin the Dryad

Rachael Hammond, Fantastical Fae Art: Faery Feline, Evander the Unicorn, Lady with Dreaming Cat

Belinda John: Violin Velvet with Carnival Cat

Louisa John-Krol: Escalder, Kloh of the Kora, cover, booklet border illumination (with Kim Brown)


Samantha Taylor, Pilgrim Arts


Rosanna & Neville Clark, Disk Edits

Thanks Mark for your brilliance, kindness & courage.