About this album

A cat’s eyes are windows into another world 

Irish Legend

3760006861223Norse ribbon Gleipnir was crafted by dwarfs from the sound of a walking cat. When Mohammed saw his cat Muezza asleep on his robe, he cut a sleeve in respect. As 17th century Seine flooded in Spring, one cat became sopopular scooping fish, Parisians named a street after him: the Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche. From Egyptian Sekhmet & Bastet, to Royal Cats of Siam; Welsh King Hywel Dda, to Japanese elopers Koma & Gon; Mityan of the Wotjobaluk, to jaguar guards of the Mayans; Puss n Boots to Bagheera, Aslan & the Cheshire Cat… these are the emirs of dreams.


Tracks & Lyrics

#1. Cauldron of Morning

Duration: 4:18

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Brett Taylor

Wish I could follow

ancient tomorrow

to the mountaintop with Oberon –

Wish I could fathom

Dreams of the Diadem

chalices haunted by hebanon –

Wish I could jingle

Shoal and the Shingle

rummage among the lost paragon –

Wish I could tarnish

those who would banish

Emperors of the fey wilderness –

Cauldron of Morning,

I come Greymalkin!

Paddock calls! Anon!

Come in Chimney Djinn…

#2. Blue Beyond the Sky

Duration: 6:01

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol / Mark Krol

Produced by Brett Taylor

Here, darling do not cry, years will be lullaby;

Reach for me over the great grey Sleep –

You won’t be lonely, you will see:

I’ll be waiting by our Wishing Tree.

Green light the castle door, sands of a lost sea roar

Set all your merhorses free!

You will come riding here with me.

Ooh I still feel your skin, I feel you moving in,

See the Glashtin in the tide;

Riding the Moonlight

Where the old wizardry writes:

“If the Blue Beyond the Sky

don’t say nothing, don’t even cry,

then the truth behind your eyes

could be anything, spinning your life… over”

Darkness that Little Sleep, walks in the poem of deep

Seeks out the lovers to bear them home

We’ll sail together, don’t you know?

#3. I am the Djinn

Duration: 3:34

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol

Produced by Theodore Wohng / Brett Taylor

Returning home again, where confusion reigns,

my resolution caged in endless refrains:

There in the distance larks descend,

carrying balm from distant lands: and I am the djinn…

Should I hide or should I play? Entangled in this fray

my fantasies of gain, follow me to Spain:

There… and I am the djinn…

Shards of broken dreams scatter into paeans;

the shadows of the night ferry me from fright:

There… and I am the djinn!

#4. Temples of the Jaguar

Duration: 0:38

Music: Louisa John-Krol

Lyrics from The Cat of the House, by Ford Madox Ford

Produced by Brett Taylor

‘born of a race of strange things of deserts,

great temples, great kings’

#5. Beautiful Lie

Duration: 4:19

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol

Produced by Theodore Wohng (Saaroth) / Brett Taylor

They come: the party’s on the road!

I never know how

Roaming is the Role, and Romeo

is journeying onto the snow:

The Lie comes,

The Lie will riddle my home!

A wave will glisten the tarmac,

an aeroplane on my mudflap;

the Matador’s playing cards

while the bull talks to the bard…

My Role is to fly,

the Lonesome can survive,

the Lost come to the Fire

the rule is to come on dancing,

And I’ll never succumb

to the laws of the Humdrum,

sleeping with the sun,

drifting with the clowns…

The Lie comes,

the Cheetah Cubs are in town!

The Sphinx sighs,

the Lynx can jinx her way down

The Bee Bumps the fire hydrant

and the water spouts to the sky:

cars turn to mushrooms – right in front of my eyes!

The Lie comes,

The Lie will riddle my home!

the Ocelot is trumping you to your bone;

The Bee Bumps the Beautiful Lie:

say Hello

to the Beautiful Lie…

#6. Fai

Duration: 2:58

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Allusion to A Midsummer Night’s Dream, by William Shakespeare

Produced by Brett Taylor

How now, o’ spirit! Whither wander you?

Over thine hills, over yonder dale

On through the bushes, on, on through the briar;

Over park, over pale, through flood, through fire

I do wander… everywhere,

Swifter than the Moon!

(yes, even the Orb’s sphere!)

Here… Hear

Bring your fey favours, loll in sweet sloth;

Sleek Midnight savours, vapours of the broth

Oberon blinks bees, passing fell an’ wrath –

Hang a pearl in every ear!

There’s a changeling in the Moon!

And your Dream Cat taps the Loom

And she’s here,

Black Djinn spins near

And she’s far,

dancing with stars….

#7. Dulcinea

Duration: 1:49

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Harry Williamson

O Little Blue Bobbin’ Bell

hey lay-lo,

dibble-dee faerie toe, dainty toe –

O little dub by the dell, Ho!

a Genie with a halo,

hey lay-lo, Nay nay no –

O Djinn, O Djinn, won’t you play your part?

Begin, begin, to open your heart – to Dulcinea!

O Little Blue Bobbin’ Bell,

bold as Madame Binjai

with a silver-black nose – love your nose!

O Little blink by the well, Ho!

a Diva with a dibbler,

Bee Ballerina toe, dainty toe.

#8. Two Cats Return Pomegranate to the Underworld

Duration: 6:27

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

except recital in Part II: adaptation of Time and the Gods by Lord Dunsany

Produced by Harry Williamson

Part I: Jinn Jinnee

Jinn-Jinnee, O’ Jinn-Jinnee, you’re waiting by

the almond tree, I wish you happy, rustling years

dancing your smile around the leaves;

deeper than the sweet black sea,

with genie eyes of golden green,

now dive into the dusky eve, Jinn-Jinnee…

Catakins, catakins, little green paws by the walnut tree

Jinnie-Jinn, Djinn…kitty-cat bells on a crackling bean;

Little Black Faerie Come to me;

wild Pantherlina, Burmese Queen:

Down the Chimney – One, Two, Three! –

blows a burly storm and me,

I love you Jinn-Jinnee

and things may come, and they may be,

for the dear beautiful bonny Jinn-Jinnee

Part II: Sardathrion

adaptation of Dunsany’s Time and the Gods

#9. Tree

Duration: 2:55

Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Harry Williamson

If there’s only one thing who knows how to move me

it’s grey-blue-green, and it lies inside the Tree!

As the years have shown us, we’ll go too far

down into the green light, to a space of our own.

Sly tree, you know me: I’ll have you…!

I can’t say…

How many shadows could I hold?

And ages span with my life, being trees,

in the still breathing of their leaves –

Oh an’ when the light falls,

could I travel where the sun goes?

sinking down into the Tree.

Feel the darkness moving, in her slow cooling

when the rain is slipping down, down,

you can hear the wood-knot sigh;

There are oceans in here, creeping over me

with their infinitely blue-green hands!

Lines… slowly, drink of me too…

Then tell me…

#10. Yellow Leaves

Duration: 4:12

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Brett Taylor

Yellow leaves, come to me

– don’t you leave me blind!

When the world hums long and loam

When the distance bids you roam

When the sea turns green and brine

When you find your time….

Turning ‘n burning in dream,

golden you hold onto me,

coiling our fire in the tree,

And we

will be summer,

when the snow comes to the air

they breathe,

in the fall of the yellow leaves

#11. Chant of the Chimney Djinn

Duration: 0:46

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol

Produced by Brett Taylor

Wendigo, Wendigo, Chimney Row;

The cat’s got pistachios but the wind won’t blow!

Wendigo, Wendigo, Fall Below;

The cat’s got its whiskers but the wind won’t blow!

#12. Lu-Lu in the Hall of Dreaming Cats

Duration: 4:33

 Music / Lyrics: Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Harry Williamson

Lu-Lu’s not here, but Lu-Lu might hear!

Feijoa Faerie, feline-a-lady, hey nonni overday

Bryn o’ briar, I’m in a dream jar,

a thousand locks to try…

Oh, don’t you know gold burns the fire?

Oh, won’t you turn the key of the pyre?

#13. A Retinue of Mandrakes

Duration: 5:21

(alternative title: ‘Juniper Berries’)

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Harry Williamson

Nine blue panthers ran you down,

roaming an’ gloaming your apple round;

our Meadow of Poppies turned brown,

and pelicans turned into clowns –

Away and Away and Awake:

a Retinue of Mandrakes were coming to break over you.

Juniper berries will shake,

your green heart will probably ache,

so tarry we’ve merry to make:

a Retinue of Mandrakes are coming to wait upon you.

Twenty-Nine Sirens were hauling down your days

and your gaze on the ever-now

so play and delay and be laid in their lake;

be laid and be swayed in their lake.

Away and Away and Awake:

a Retinue of Mandrakes are dying to take over you!

They’re coming for you…

#14.  Aphelion

Duration: 4:28

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Harry Williamson

Dwindling away in the sun,

Shivering over Oblivion

Lion and Leopard will come,

Shuffling on to Aphelion

Be my Sister, my Darkness, my Orcus, my Orbit,

my Hourglass, my Impasse, my Planet, my Amulet,

my Dreamcat, my Daemon, my Distance, my Artemis,

my Nadir, my Nebula…

#15. Colours of Angels

Duration: 5:16

Music / Lyrics: Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Brett Taylor

Colours of angels, shadows of gold,

brushing the oceans, under your soul

Cats are Angels, sent from the Void,

to rekindle our Wonder…



Feline faery sources of inspiration

Temples of the Jaguar is set to lines by Ford Madox Ford, from his poem The Cat of the House.

It also echoes a fascination for timeless cities, explored in our earlier album Alexandria. Cats are intimately linked with civilisation. We learned from them so many arts, from the sly patience of hunting to the subtle charm of seduction and the indulgence of dreaming.

In addition to Dunsany, Shakespeare, Schulz and Ford, all cited in Credits:

Thou art the Great Cat, avenger of the Gods, judge

of words, president of sovereign chiefs and governor

of the holy Circle; thou art indeed…the Great Cat.

Inscription on the Royal Tombs at Thebes

Neil Armstrong est venu dans mes rêves. Sombre et

mystérieux, il me dévoila un grand secret. La lune

n’est pas déserte : c’est le pays des chats.

Frederic Chaplain

The jaguar brushed the leaves

with a luminous absence,

the puma runs through the branches

like a forest fire,

while the jungle’s drunken eyes

burn from inside him

Pablo Neruda, from Some Beasts

A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes.

Indian Proverb

The dog may be wonderful prose, but only the cat is poetry.

French Proverb


Well I never!

Was there ever

A cat so clever

As Magical Mr Mistoffelees!


Minnaloushe creeps through the grass

alone, important and wise,

and lifts to the changing moon

his changing eyes

W.B. Yeats, from The Cat and the Moon

Ding, Dong, bell,

Pussy’s in the well.

Who put her in?

Little Johnny Green.

Who pulled her out?

Little Tommy Stout.

Mother Goose’s Melody

All the spring long you may possess

the rowdy carnival of sparrows

Bruce Dawe, All the Spring Long

Lat take a cat and fostre hym wel with milk

And tendre flessch and make his couche of silk,

And lat hym seen a mouse go by the wal,

Anon he weyvith milk and flessch and al,

And every deyntee that is in that hous,

Suich appetit he hath to ete a mous.

Geoffrey Chaucer from The Manciple’s Tale

Cervantes, we also love you!

Dulcinea  (Dulcie), one of Louisa’s cats

After releasing this album, I rediscovered Edward Lear’s poem, much loved in childhood, entitled The Owl and the Pussy-Cat. Subsequently I have set a tune to it and learned it by heart for performance. A future edition of this album may well feature it as a bonus track, but for now, we invite you to attend one of our tributes to cats, Feline Faery Fest. – Louisa, 2009




2008: Prikosnovenie, France


Lyrics, Melodies 1983-2008 Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol / cats, Djinn & Dulcinea.

‘Sardathrion’ (Part II of ‘Two Cats Return Pomegranate to the Underworld’): adaptation of Lord Dunsany’s story Time and the Gods.

‘Temples of the Jaguar’: set to lines by Ford Madox Ford, from his poem The Cat of the House.

‘Aphelion’ – its closing incantation – refers to a surrealist novel by Bruno Schulz: Sanatorium under the Sign of the Hourglass.

‘Fai’ borrows from Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Performance / Instrumentation:

Vocals, lead & backing: Louisa John-Krol

Mandolin, Guitar, Wood Ocarina, Vietnamese Gong, Tibetan Shanti Chimes, Koori Firesticks, Xylophone, Peruvian Shakers, Piano-tuba, Ghost-tube, Bells: Louisa John-Krol

Harry Williamson: Charango, Glissando, Bass, 6-string Guitar, Harpsichord, Midi, Paper Drum, Tambourine, Tree-elementals.

Brett Taylor: Piano, Bass, Dulcimer, Marimba, E-bow, Banjo, Accordion, Darabouka, Tabla, Mantel Clock.

Samantha Taylor: Flute, Piccolo, Recorder, Wood-train, Seed Umbrella, Bell Tree.

Skye Taylor: Rainbow Whistle, Sylph Voice, Clay Ocarina, Butterfly Tambourine.

Liam Taylor: dulcimer, wizardry, Mexican rainstick.

Frédérique Henrottin (Keltia): Harp.

Nicholas Albanis / Naomi Henderson (Dandelion Wine): Bowed Psaltery, Flute, Hammer Dulcimer.


Recorded, programmed & mixed ‘02–‘08 by Brett Taylor, Pilgrim Arts: # 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 10, 15; by Harry Williamson, Spring Studio: # 7, 8, 9, 12, 13, 14; and by Theodore Wohng, TWS Studio: # 3 (before passing to Brett Taylor for completion).

Mastered by Brett Taylor

Visual Art

Cover/Design Sabine-Adelaide

Painting ‘Peace’ Belinda John

Website promo: Rich O’Donovan, Paradox Ethereal, Imaginosis, F. Cotton, Forest of the Fae, Arno Pellerin, Frederic Chaplain.

Thanks in addition to above credits

We thank all our clan & kin.



“ ‘A cat’s eyes are windows… into another world’ – an old saying that comes to ultra vivid life thanks to the wondrous compositions of Louisa John-Krol (who) developed a loyal following throughout the world with her distinctive brand of timeless faerie music. Djinn – Le Mystere Des Chats is inspired by her cats Djinn and Dulcinea as well as other extraordinary creatures of the feline persuasion… tales of intrigue begin with ‘Cauldron of Morning’, and enchanted reveries bewitch the listener… ‘Blue Beyond the Sky’ is lushly romantic – one of the very best tales the artist has spun in her illustrious career. ‘I am the Djinn’ is another sweeping piece of artistry that weaves its magical spell through the mystifying eyes of one of Louisa’s cats. Another cat Dulcinea has a playful tune – a brief yet lively escapade. ‘Beautiful Lie’ is infused with mischievous flair and fascinating instrumentation. Other tracks of remarkable note include the haunting ‘Tree’, abstract perfection of ‘Lu-Lu in the Hall of Dreaming Cats’, and sweeping strains of ‘Colours of Angels’. Djinn – Le Mystere Des Chats is an ethereal work of epic proportions, an imaginative masterpiece that should be cherished by all who want to venture into a land of faeries and impish cats. Enchanting the world since 1996, Louisa John-Krol is at the height of her musical creativity. Djinn and her other musical projects are vastly rewarding… Fans of Loreena McKennitt and Kate Bush should especially take note.”

Kenneth Morton, Highwire Daze Magazine, April 2009, USA

“An Irish legend says that Cats eyes are windows into another world, but the musical universe of L.John-Krol is always like a window into another world. This universe filled with fantasy became a trademark of her work since her debut album 1996… each time she really pleases me with a serene sound. Djinn is full of magic and wafting sensations leading us into an imaginary world filled with cats… Her voice light as a feather and music fresh like a warm breeze… ‘I Am The Djinn’ surprises for bombastic drums while ‘Lu-Lu In The Hall Of Dreaming Cats’ is one of her darkest songs, even into experimentalism. The lyrics are like little stories… filled with reverie… Djinn the mystery of cats will definitely please lovers of Louisa John-Krol!”

Bernard Van Isacker, Chief Editor, Side-Line Magazine, ED:7)ED, Belgium

“Louisa John-Krol… plunders myth and folklore to create elaborate music… Djinn explores cat mythology and imagery… the resulting work is magical, whimsical and mysterious. Celtic folk, new age atmospherics, dash of electronica, smidge of prog rock… pure soprano reminds one of Kate Bush and Loreena McKennitt. She sings, whispers, narrates, chants…‘Cauldron of the Morning’ is about cats as familiars, followed by ‘Blue Beyond the Sky’; both mix new age & folk pop… John-Krol’s voice is lovely and complex – Enya can easily be used as a reference… ‘Temples of the Jaguar’ uses text by modernist author Ford Maddox Ford; diptych ‘Two Cats Return Pomegranate to the Underworld’ references Dunsany. ‘Fai’ is dreamy electronica that famed faerie artist Brian Froud used to accompany a video of his paintings. ‘Dulcinea’ and ‘Chant of the Chimney Djinn’ sound like lost Walter De Lar Mare poems. ‘A Retinue of Mandrakes’ floats like a host of seraphim. ‘Aphelion’ and ‘Colours of Angels’ are ‘space music’. John-Krol and her producers fashion soundscapes out of odd instruments, like charango, ocarina, bowed psaltery, and rainsticks with keyboards, guitars and John-Krol’s signature mandolin… JK mines the same mythpunk roots as authors like Patricia McKillip and Catherynne Valente… gossamer melodies & silvery vocals.”

Craig Gidney,, USA

“Le chat au regard semblant contempler de mystérieux mondes intérieurs qui figure sur la pochette du nouveau Louisa John-Krol donne la tonalité à cet album entièrement dédié à l’univers des félins et avant tout aux deux chats de l’artiste. Djinn et Dulcinea. Louisa met au service de Djinn sa voix inégalable et son talent de conteuse pour se faire la narratrice heavenly-folk et ethno-pop d’histoires de félins célèbres ou de légende, sauvages ou domestique, de littérature ou de la vie courante. Bien que globalement très homogène, l’album passe en douceur d’une ambiance à une autre, l’ethnique et profond ‘I am the Djinn’ côtoyant (chatoyant?) la pop joyeuse de ‘Beautiful Lie’ ou la comptine un peu sauvage et litanique ‘Chant of the Chimney Djinn’, pour s’achever sur deux titres oniriques et remplis d’ombre (‘Aphelion’ et ‘Colours of Angels’) sur lesquels les carillons shanti font des merveilles. Une fois de plus, Louisa John-Krol nous démontre qu’elle a l’art de communiquer ses passions.”

Sabine Moreau, Elegy Magazine, France

 A partial English translation & linguistic aside (by Catherine Goss) of above review:

“The cat, with a look seeming to contemplate mysterious inner worlds… sets the tone for this album entirely dedicated to the feline universe and the artist’s cats, Djinn and Dulcinea. Louisa serves Djinn with her incomparable voice and story-telling talent to become the heavenly-folk and ethno-pop narrator of stories of legendary felines, wild or domestic… Although as a whole very homogenous, the album moves gently from one atmosphere to another, the ethnic and deep ‘I am the Djinn’ rubbing shoulders – shimmering and catlike – with joyful pop of ‘Beautiful Lie’ or wild incantatory nursery rhyme ‘Chant of the Chimney Djinn’, to two titles, dreamy and filled with shadow (‘Aphelion’ and ‘Colours of Angels’), on which shanti chimes do wonders. Once more, Louisa John-Krol demonstrates the art of communicating her passions.”

Cotoyant’ means rubbing shoulders. The reviewer suggested ‘chatoyant’ as a pun, because ‘chat’ means cat but ‘chatoyant’ means shimmering. There are changes afoot to the circumflex, the ‘hat’ symbol. It’s sometimes left off… Let’s hope the little hat stays, with cat’s ears: ‘ô’

“A stellar new creation by beloved Louisa John-Krol! Her voice is not only fairie-like but simply beautiful, she gives me goosebumps every time I hear her sing. Her songs are so visual you can see fairies dancing and playing around the trees. Listen to the words you will feel as though you know her kitties… She and her husband have beautiful hearts that allow them to see the world differently than most. I will add this to my collection of Louisa cds that will remain close to my heart. She will always be the fairie queen in my book.”

Kathleen Tringo, Amazon, USA

Djinn, le mystére des chats: ‘Les yeux d’ un chat sont une fenêtre vers un autre monde’ Louisa John-Krol… nous emmener avec elle sur les traces des chats, gardiens d’ un autre monde. Sa musique a une puissance d’évocation, une capacité à faire planer sans utilisations de substances illicites, du pur Heavenly d’excellente facture (où Fairy Music pour les connaisseurs). Un disque à écouter le soir, afin de rêver. Logique, pour de la pop folk psychédélique… Celle–ci, très variée (plus d’ une quarantaine d’ instruments!)…  Les textes, parfois inspiré du folklore traditionnel irlandais entre autre, nous conte un voyage dans un univers mystique, explorant la mythologie autour des chats… Pourtant, on est jamais lassé; Louisa évitant la monotonie et la lourdeur. On la suit volontiers dans ses pérégrinations, comme on pourrait suivre un conteur au coin du feu, narrant des histoires hors du temps pleine de magie et de mystère. Le timbre délicat de sa voix y est pour beaucoup. Au final, un bon disque, à conseiller à tout ceux qui aiment s’évader par la musique.”

Shin Akuma, Gilgamesh Connections,, France

“Louisa John-Krol is back with a new great album. Louisa John-Krol’s music mixes Celtic folk, electronic sounds, new age atmospherics and progressive pop rock. Often she reminds to Loreena McKennitt and Kate Bush but her mix of new age and folk pop evoke Danielle Dax… Put this record in your buying list!”

Sir Logia, Chain, France or Italy

Djinn is Arabic for Genie… expect Middle Eastern lyrical references… those who connect to (cats) know the alluring love of the creature as well as their elusive nature. They, however, are our confidants. Just like the Djinn of lore, good or evil, our beloved kitties frequently show both… ‘Two Cats Return Pomegranate to the Underworld’ showcases this perfectly… Louisa John-Krol has become a master of the delicate rhyme, a non-linear way of creating lyrically interesting lines… Few vocalists accomplish this pronounced and strange aura. Beautiful and wyrd. Be prepared for tracks that change on the whim of the wind… You could be flowing through ambient textured layers on cloudy days in the orchard, and the next on your way through a chasm of playful darkness. Most tracks contain a lush ambient layer, from piano melodies that sooth and remind of Tori Amos (with similar voice) to haunting guitar textures and string accompaniments… Prepare yourself lyrically; few artists take the time to write such complicated measures… Maybe that’s half the mystery!”

Sage L. Weatherford, Heathen Harvest Webzine, England

“Louisa brings us a feline universe through the myth of cats, sphinx, tigers and other mythological creatures. As an Irish legend says, ‘A cat’s eyes are windows… into another world.. an ethereal & mysterious world.”

Equilibrium Music (EQM),, Portugal

“Louisa John-Krol a Celtic beautiful voice… one of the best sellers of Prikosnovenie… very well produced (Harry Williamson, Brett Taylor)… subtle mix of Folkloric and traditional instrument with Dead Can Dance.”, USA

Louisa’s soprano swoops through pieces that meld folk, progressive pop, electronica and new age in inventive, pleasing ways. LJK reminds one of Loreena McKennitt and Kate Bush; she composes with her wild muse wherever it leads… Producers are Harry Williamson and Brett Taylor, with guests Dandelion Wine, Theodore Wohng, Samantha Taylor and Keltia.”

Projekt Records,, USA

“Welcome Djinn, Italian kitten would be so glad to meet you!”

Elisabeth Mantovani, LaRoseNoir, Djinn’s Myspace (pantherlina), Italy

“thanks for… your wonderful music little fairy. Helene, me and my cats are very happy”

Marc Feyaerts, Facebook, 14 August 2011, France

“Hi little Djinn! I must admit you’re a real genius, so I wish you the best.”

Artesia, Djinn’s Myspace (pantherlina), France

“hey Djinn! Caught any genies lately??? ;-) Love N&N xxoo”

Dandelion Wine, Djinn’s Myspace (pantherlina), Australia

“Your music is magic. I’m waiting for a new album!”

Cecile Audrey Rovira, Facebook, 24 May 2011, France

“Thanks for your magical music. I’m listen you since my 15 years old. I love u :) You’re my inspiration!”

Rag Doll, Myspace, 1 July 2009

“kitty mer~fae to you, kitty mer~fae to you, kitty mer~fae sweeeeeet Louisa!!!!*** ♥”

Molly Niffen, Facebook, 28 May 2011, USA

“Hi Louisa! Your concert was wonderful. I was very close from you and it was great. I tried to talk to you after the concert but there was a lot of people. Next time I hope! Thank you for this precious moment!” (after Trolls et Legendes show, Belgium)

Agathe / Artesia, Myspace, 1 July 2009, France

“Have a nice time with Mark & Djinn under the Australian sun!”

Carsten Agthe, Myspace, 9 March 2008, Germany

“You could say ‘Cauldron of Morning’ is a kind of anthem for pagans”

Bronny Lloyd, musician, Midsummer Fairy Ball 2011, Australia

“Dancing to ‘Cauldron of Morning’ (Djinn) was the best part of the whole night for me.”

Rachael Hammond, illustrator, 4 October 2010, Australia

“Wow! Are you really coming to Faerieworlds?… my jaw dropped when I saw your name…! I cannot wait to see you perform, hopes and dreams come true!”

Iridesce, Myspace, 1 July 2009, USA
(NB: We did meet after that show. Thank you for the magic shell, Sarah (Iridesce) x – L.)

“Dear Louisa, I LOVED your show in Belgium ! Hope to see you in Australia now !!!”

Jeanne, Rajna, Myspace, 1 July 2009, France

“thank you for the wonderful Feline Faery Fest.”

Katra Brightwing (Kate, Evelyn, Liz), email, 12 December 2010, Australia

“I love the last album Djinn!”

Jonathan Renard, Facebook, 22 May 2009, France

“Good luck with your new CD (Djinn) – wonderful as always!”

Daemonia Nymphe, Myspace, 7 July 2009, Greece & UK

“Billi and I have been listening to Djinn a great deal… another masterpiece from you and your talented collaborators. Big congrats to you, Mark, Brett, Harry and everyone else involved. Oh we better not forget a nod to the inspiration of your latest musical joyfulness, Djinn and Dulcinea.”

Billi and Bill Mazur, Facebook, 12 November 2008, USA

“praise for all your work. You have my admiration. Great Woman. best regards from Rome. Love Always…”

Athene Noctua, Minerva, Myspace, 1 July 2009, Italy

“SO looking forward to seeing you at Faerieworlds! Your music is beautiful! Yours in Faerie and Magic”

Susan Tooker, Myspace, 1 July 2009, USA

Djinn is pure magic. I can’t listen to ‘Blue Beyond the Sky’ without remembering the ones who are no longer with me and I cry every time I hear it or even think about it…”

Linda Megow of Colorado, email, 2 November 2009, USA

“thank you so much for inviting us to be part of your wonderful Feline Fantasy. Mieow!”

Maribel & Harry by giftcard, 10 December 2010, Australia

Beautiful Lady… Beautiful Voice… You carry me away to faraway places… Thank you for being who you are… The Faerie Queen of us all! This looks like Djinn! :-)” (photo of bejewelled cat)

Forest of the Fae, Myspace, 27 September 2007, USA

“Such a delight to hear your beautiful sounds, they make us travel to wonderlands!”

Minute Papillon, Myspace, 1 July 2009, France

“i nearly fell off my chair when i saw one of your tracks is ‘Temple of the Jaguar’ (Djinn). So excited…! Much love and magic”

Kitsiri DeSilva, email, 27 July 2010, Australia

“Hello sweet fey friend, so inspired by your magical music! Thank you!”

Mar Cella, Facebook, 6 January 2011, USA

“When I’m sad, I listen your heavenly voice… This give me a drop of hope…”

Lelia, Myspace, 1 July 2009

“Your music always gives happiness to me when I feel blue.”


“I am inspired by your beautiful words and music – mercats are also dear to my heart, as are all cats. Bright mercat blessings.”

Aphrodite Rose, email, 23 April 2011

“Thank you for sharing your beautiful voice and ethereal music. Your work is soulful, rich, entrancing. It has been a balm for me. …The beauty of your music has the power to soothe. That is a remarkable, rare gift.”

Ronlyn Doningue, author, email, 26 August 2009, USA

Djinn…extremely wonderful…  we met in Adelaide at Leaf Fellows’ Eve”

Louise Hewett, giftcard, 12 August 2010, Australia

“Thank you again for creating and sharing your wonderful art and music Louisa.”

Ray Simpkins, bard, postcard, circa 2010, USA

Remarks by Louisa’s cats:

Dulcinea: “My part could have been larger.”

Djinn: “You’re lucky to have even a cameo role, Dulcie, since you joined us late in the album.”

Dulcinea: “That front cover pic looks more like me than you, Genie darling.”

Djinn: “Well, the cat on the back is clearly me.”

Dulcinea: “Asleep, as usual. Anyway, I’m named after a princess in a Spanish novel.”

Djinn: “A princess only in Don Quixote’s imagination.”

Dulcinea: “Isn’t that the point?”