Compilations, samplers and soundtracks

About these collaborations

The lunatic, the lover and the poet

Are of imagination all compact

Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

By ‘Compilations’ we infer guest appearances as well as soundtracks, magazine samplers & in-house label collections.

Not in chronological order.

Collaborative Guest Appearances

Silmand, songs: ‘Broken Glass’ & ‘Palladium Night’ with Olaf Parusel of Stoa (Alice in Chains, Germany)

The Underliving, vocal accompaniment & sansula on ‘One Last Hope’, recital in ‘Goodnight Kira’ in  in an illustrated book-cd by Priscilla Hernandez (Yidneth, Spain)

Seasons in Elfland – Shadows, vocal harmonies in ‘Shadows’, with Kelly Miller Lopez (Woodland Music,USA)

Improvisation in ancient Greek instruments, experimental vox with Spyros Giasafakis of Daemonia Nymphe (Cynfeirdd, France)

Asphodel, recital for Artemis (Ekishnugal Records, Australia)

The World of Faeries (hardcover book, Insight editions / Imaginosis) &Muse (video-clip) featuring song ‘Which of these Worlds?’ from album Apple Pentacle & presented online & live at Trolls et Legendes (Le Fantastique, Belgium 2009), courtesy Robert Gould (Imaginosis, USA), Brian & Wendy Froud (World of Froud, UK)

To the Promised Land, songs: ‘Raven’ & ‘Notre Dame’, with Stella Maris (Prudence Records / BSC music, Germany)

Destroying the world to save it, songs: ‘Slaughter’ & ‘Ashes of Blue’, with Chris McCarter of Ikon (Equinoxe, Germany / Nile Records, Australia / Static Sky, USA)

Little People Big Noise: song ‘Little Red Car Made of Glass’, with Mathias Grassow / Dirk Schlomer, of Das Zeichen / Stella Maris from Germany (RunDevilRun Records, Greece)

To Kill a King collector box: song ‘In the Circle’, with American duo Hungry Lucy, USA (Alfa Matrix, Belgium)


Soundtrack series Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands: in Olaf Parusel’s music for German television company MDR; first with Hermann von Salza on DVD 2004, then with Konrad von Wettin on DVD 2005 (MDR TV)

In-house label compilations

Graines de Berceuses: Book-Cd (Prikosnovenie, France) – new, 2012-2013

Fairy World Vol 1, 2, 3



La Nuit des Fées

Effleurement: ethereal female voices including Loreena McKennitt, Daemonia Nymphe & others (Prikosnovenie, France)

Lullabies & Legends from Brocéliande (book-cd (Prikosnovenie, France)

Magazine Samplers & other Compilations

Pipes of Pan (Pagan Awareness Network Inc., Australia)

Mystica Antiqua 2 – Medieval Mysteries (Albion, Germany & UK)

Cryptichon Zwei (Oblivion, division of SPV, Germany)

Cantara Magica 1 (Credo / Nova Tekk, Germany)

Celtic Mystique (Tandem Music, Canada)

Ghosts from the Darkside (Purple Flower, Germany)

Hypericomes (Hyperium / Rough Trade, Germany)

Beyond the Contradictions – New Age and New Sounds (La Prima, Italy)

D-Side magazine: several editions (France)

Elegy magazine: several editions (France)

Livid Looking Glass magazine (USA)

Zillo magazine (Germany)


Winter Silence: features excerpts of LJK’s music sampled by German composer Mathias Grassow of Transmission Fields

(Weird Amplexus, Italy)

First Human Ferro: Stardust (Patch Nine, Nitkie, Ukraine)


Tracks & Lyrics

(Some collaborations consisted purely of vox harmonies or mandolin. This list shows only lyrics that Louisa wrote or co-wrote)

Palladium Night

Lyrics by Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Music initiated by Olaf Parusel (Stoa)

Vocal Melody by Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Olaf Parusel in Stoic Studios, Germany

From the CD Silmand (Alice in Chains, Germany)

In Winter on the Cumner ridge

A Stranger looked from Godstow bridge

His dream to change into the air

A gleam that played inside his hair


Lifted to the northern sea

A thousand timorous tendrils creep

From Ilium to Palladium

The naked shingles from the rim of Night


His beating wings then tore the sky

A vagrant will sent forth a cry

The midland master of the gales

Unfurled a pounding cloud of sails


A voice of gold to hide a star

A tide of light to carry far

And danger was to tarry here

For never would we stand so near with Night.

Broken Glass

Lyrics by Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol

Music initiated by Olaf Parusel (Stoa)

Vocal Melody by Louisa John-Krol

Produced by Olaf Parusel in Stoic Studios, Germany

From the CD Silmand (Alice in Chains, Germany)

You led my dream to the horizon,

You bore my imprint there:

Carried my feet to the clear lake

For glass lay everywhere.


Under broken shards

Were dreams that never lived,

But they saved lives so many times

When we were cast adrift –


From a bus you saw an old man

Crying about his past,

But he was playing on his violin

A memory made to last.


Are we destined to find

Darkness deep and vast?

Regrets so scattered through our minds

Shine like broken glass –


Where hope had lured by the thousand

You gently lay me down…

Notre Dame

Lyrics by Louisa John-Krol

Music initiated by Dirk Schlomer

Vocal Melody by Louisa John-Krol, recorded by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, Australia

Produced by Dirk Schlomer at Amygdaland, Germany

From the CD To the Promised Land (Prudence Records / Bsc, Germany)

The flesh of Notre Dame

The passion we remember

Long after

The sweetest architecture

To heat a thousand arms

My lover


Music & leading Melodies by Dirk Schlomer

Lyrics by Louisa John-Krol / Mark Krol

Vocal recorded by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, Australia

Produced by Dirk Schlomer at Amygdaland, Germany

From the CD To the Promised Land (Prudence Records, Bsc, Germany)

A raven on my window sill

Was calling down my days

And then I thought I heard him say

Seek your voice beneath the ocean waves


A raven on my ivy wall

Was holding ghosts in thrall

And on the shore the spectres call

To the hidden gods beneath the waves


When the traveller has returned

From undiscovered countries

Come to spread the dust to all the doors

Beyond the shells


(I asked myself, why my dreams

bring me here to this place?)


A raven on my grey stone lies

To whisper where he flies

And on the rim, sequoia sighs

Ask the ancient wind to tell you why

Little Red Car made of Glass

Lyrics by Louisa John-Krol

Music initiated by Mathias Grassow

Vocal Melody by Louisa John-Krol, recorded by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts, Australia

Produced by Dirk Schlomer, Germany

From the CD Little People, Big Noise (RunDevilRun Records, Greece)

Little yellow baskets are made to last

As for your lemon, I didn’t have to ask –

There’s one thing that would give me a blast:


A little red car made of glass

Third Ear serenaded Macbeth

Third Eye jumped at the knock of Death –

I don’t need a break, just give me your breath


In a little red car made of glass

Mad Man Puck got a pick-up truck,

Polly had a dolly who was way out of luck –

I won’t be happy till I get stuck

In a little red car made of glass


Old King Cole was a merry old soul

Had one daughter but she had to go –

Could’ve got clear of the guillotine blow

With a little red car made of glass

a little red, little red, little red car…

Ashes of Blue

Lyrics by Louisa John-Krol

Music initiated by Chris McCarter (Ikon)

Vocal Melody by Louisa John-Krol

Produced (all tracks) by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios, Australia

From the CD Destroying the World to save it (Equinox Records, Germany; Nile Records, Australia; Static Sky, USA)

Blue Eye in the Moon

I won’t betray you

We’ll make it a secret room


Oh, keep it in you

The sweet delay through

Ashes of Blue


Some things I do

Were never made for show

In that world

Where people have to know

And no mortal should go

To where I’ve been tonight

No angel would fly

Beneath our Ashen Night


Blue Love in the Loom

I won’t deny you

We’ll say it was in the Rune

Blue utterances that

Spoken too soon

Cry Ashes of Blue



‘Ashes of Blue’ and ‘Slaughter’ in Ikon’s album Destroying the World to save it (Equinox Records, Germany / Nile Records, Australia): Chris McCarter / Louisa John-Krol, produced by Adam Calaitzis at Toyland Studios in Melbourne, Australia

‘In the Circle’ (remix) in Hungry Lucy’s collector’s box of the album To Kill a King (Alfa Matrix, Belgium): Christa Belle / War-N Harrison / Louisa John-Krol, produced by War-N Harrison in the USA / Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts in Australia

‘Raven’ and ‘Notre Dame’ in Stella Maris’ album To the Promised Land (Prudence / BSC, Germany, Switzerland): Dirk Schlomer / Louisa John-Krol, produced Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts in Adelaide, Australia / Dirk Schlomer at Amygdaland in Berlin, Germany

‘Broken Glass’ and ‘Palladium Night’ in Stoa’s album Silmand (Alice in Chains, Germany): Olaf Parusel / Louisa John-Krol, produced by Olaf Parusel at Stoic Studios in Halle, Germany

‘Little Red Car made of Glass’ in the compilation Little People, Big Noise (RunDevilRun Records, Greece): Mathias Grassow / Dirk Schlomer / Mark Krol / Louisa John-Krol, produced by Brett Taylor at Pilgrim Arts in Adelaide, Australia / Dirk Schlomer at Amygdaland, Germany



“Certains groupes se sont apparemment donne pour mission de prolonger les vacances en sortant en cette fin d’ete des albums nautiques. C’est le cas pour Louisa John-Krol aui semble decidement s’epanour dans les collaborations puisque qelques mos a’ peine après la sortie de Ghostfish, son side-project avec Daemonia Nymphe, on la retrouve cette fois aux cotes de l’italien Oophoi pour un I hear the water dreaming dedie aux creatures aquatiques et aux reves. Et l’eau et les songes sont effectivement omnipresents sur ces sept longues plages de musique atmospherique aux ambiances de hauts-fonds crepusculaires (“The Hour of Fauns”) stries par les vocalises ou les chuchotements secrets de Louisa l’ondine, Moins planant, mais tout aussi liquide, To the promised Land de Stella Maris (avec d’ailleurs la participation de Louisa sur “Raven” et “Notre Dame”) donne, si on se refere a la pochette, dans le style Grand Bleu option “j’aime les dauphins”, pour des morceaux ambient-trip-hop louchant sur certains titres du cote de l’ethno-medieval…”

Elegy magazine, France

“Louisa John-Krol is as enigmatic and as enchanting as the very conception of feminine vitality and nourishment… alluring and elusive. When I listen to… lyrics and vocalisations flowing from the discography of Louisa John-Krol, my thoughts rush toward… the sanctity of life on Earth.”

Nocturnal Movements, USA

“Louisa John-Krol makes beautiful ethereal music… like Kate Bush, Cocteau Twins, Harold Budd, Brian Eno and Loreena McKennitt. However, her music is uniquely her own. …beautiful otherworldly vocals. She evokes the shift in consciousness… to cross into the shifting lands of faerie beyond the misty veil.”

Faery Music , Faerymists 2004


“Fairy Voices… after Belladonne 1 and 2… Prikosnovénie… gathered an incredible (in quality and in geographic extension) catalogue in… heavenly voices, medieval folk, ethnic, neoclassic/chamber music… GOR with a brilliant klezmer/medieval crossover in Latin… Daemonia Nymphe… Dwelling… Collection D’Arnell Andrea… Louisa John-Krol, Faraway, Rada I Ternovnik, Ashram…”

Eugenio Maggi, Chain D.L.K. id#221, Italy

“I was drawn to John-Krol’s voice by her work with Ikon… mentally cross Danielle Dax with Kate Bush and in that feverish landscape you will find John-Krol.”

Mick Mercer, Germany

La nuit Des Fées

“… at medieval French town Clisson… label festival CD gathers Cécile Corbel, The Moon And The Nightspirit, Louisa John-Krol, Mediavolo, Caprice, Lys, Djaima… Karin Hoghielm… dreamy, medieval atmospheres… tunes rich of pathos… enriched by Luigi Rubino (Ashram), Corde Oblique… similar to Cocteau Twins… illustrated by Sabine Adelaide… Each page presents a country, its ‘fairy’ and poetic story about this creature.”

Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K., id#4102, Italy


A great collection of most beautiful female voices… with tarot-like set of cards… (artists include): Maple Bee, Cecile Corbell, Caprice, Moon Far Away, Zaria… Loreena McKennitt, Karin Hoghielm, Liz Van Dort, Stellamara, Irfan, Jack or Jive, Louisa John-Krol, Daemonia Nymphe.”

Sir Logia, Chain D.L.K, id#3285, Italy

Fairy World 1

“…medio Oriental influences of Anassane, Phil Von & The Gnawa Musicians Of Fés… time see no limits … medioeval tunes, atmospheres… Irfan, Gor, Louisa John-Krol, Love Sessions… ambient…. introspective…”

Maurizio Pustianaz, Chain D.L.K. id#745, Italy

“…a sort of Loreena McKennitt from the bush… above all a very particular voice, as beautiful and varied as the country she evokes, spanning from the ocean to the desert! Its not too late to discover this music.”

Cynfeirdd – Friendship Culture, UK & France

Collaboration song ‘In the Circle’ on Glo with US band Hungry Lucy

“…mellow grooves & beautiful melodies… a second CD… contains remixes from bands such as Chandeen, Claire Voyant… dance floor to chillout… Eclectic spiritualists will take special note of ‘In The Circle’, a song about transformation and the pathway to enlightenment and growth as well as the discrimination that many of us face in our ‘different’ path. A song that is very heart touching to any modern pagan… I was so impressed with this release and the song ‘In The Circle’ that thanks to communication with Alfa-Matrix, the band, plus additional work by Louisa John-Krol fans can expect an exclusive remix of this song…

TG Mondalf, Chain, Germany

Belladonne 2 & Ariel

“Prikosnovenie… heavenly voices vult daarmee het gat op dat labels als Hyperium en + 4ad hebben laten liggen. Louisa John-Krol… perfect in dat genre past… fijne kruising van Lisa Gerrard en Jane Siberry. Haar muziek is engelachtig. de ene keer door de harp, de andere keer door het strijkorkest… heerlijk breekbare muziek met een vleugje mystiek en romantiek. Uiterst geschikt voor fans van Enya, Dead Can Dance, Stoa, Rajna… Ben nummer van deze cd is ook vertegenwoordid op de tweede Iris-compilatie, BelIadonne 2… internationale… met bands/ artiesten uit Griekenland (Daemonia Nymphe), Japan (Jack or Jive), Italie (Anima In Fiamme, Gor), Duitsland (ChristianWolz), Mexico (Garamar), Frankrijk (Collection D’ Arnell Andrea), Australie (Louisa John-Krol) en Rusland (Caprice)… Reerlijk etherische schoonheid”

Jan Willem Broek, Gonzo Circus Magazine and Radio 100/Senzor/Jazzfacts, Holland

A review of one of Louisa’s earlier albums

“… dreamy… visionary… Supreme… mystic voice close to Loreena Mc Kennitt and Tori Amos. Ethno-folk ballads remind us some Dead Can Dance’s tracks, light and arcane… various in intensity and rich of vibrancy. Lyrics… inspired by Nature and Literature… Etereal, poetical effusions… penetrate into the iridescent valleys of your imagination. One of the best release of the year!”

Francesco Gentile, Twilight Zone, Italy


“Thank you Louisa John-Krol for lulling a very sad and distressed four yr old to a peaceful slumber. Words can’t really express the gratitude I have for your beautiful music tonight.”

Danni Curry, Facebook, 16 November 2011

“True pearls are coming from your heart. I love your voice, tracks, harmonies..”

Radek, Black Flames Records, email, 8 June 2002, Poland

“A little Louisa was born one day ago in France, we have chosen the name in thinking about you!”

Aurelien Nsk, Facebook, 5 June 2010, France

“Your music inspires me… Best wishes from Bulgaria”

miff, Myspace, 14 October 2006, Bulgaria

“I love your music. I already have several albums and I watch the next publication. A date?”

Franoise, Myspace, 30 August, 2007, France

“I love your sweet voice and magical songs!”

Tassia Pinheiro Dos Santos, Facebook, 30 November 2011

“I owned all Louisa John-Krol except Argo i search…”

Steve Chan, the Man who Sold the World, email, 26 March 2006, Hong Kong

“Attention Louisa fans! Recorded in London and Melbourne… ‘Ice Inferno’ from female ethereal/symphonic ensemble Seventh Harmonic –  with guest appearances from Louisa John-Krol is available”

Seventh Harmonic, Myspace, 25 March 2007, England

“You music is so wonderful, I love it!… thank you for your great concert during… Trolls et Legendes!”

Ithilwen, Myspace, 1 July 2009

“I think you come from another planet, the angels’ planet” (after performance in her radio studio, 2003)

Tyan, DJ, Radio 21, Bruxelles, email, 15 July 2005, Belgium

“Merveilleuse musique! Blessed be”

Lunamoon, Myspace, 30 November 2006, France

“I love that sound which seems to come from so far away…”

Ars Moriendi, Myspace, 5 November 2006, Italy

“Each time we listen we travel to the fantasy and wonderful landscapes of our mind and soul…”

Ricardo Ruiz, handwritten letter, received 2003, Mexico

“I like your music and precisely: ‘Shofar’ from Love Sessions; ‘Which of these Worlds?’ (Apple Pentacle); ‘The Lily and the Rose’ (Alabaster, LS2)”

Leila Bonnet, Facebook, 3 August 2010, France

“Thank you for bringing your beautiful voice, songs, stories and you to Adelaide – we look forward to sharing songs & stories with you again”

Adrienne Piggott (Spiral Dance), Facebook, 1 August 2010, Australia

“Your music and collaborations are beautiful, all that I have heard I’ve enjoyed so much. Please touch the United States with your magic… for a fairy or Renaissance festival. I’d journey for that!”

Iridesce, Mspace, 4 September 2008, USA

“it’s wonderful to feel that besides a great talent you have a great heart.”

Artyom Holn, email, 9 July 2001, Russia

“Hi Louisa, i am from China… Thank you for such wonderful music.”

Skylar Hong, Facebook, 4 October 2008, China

“…above all, it was so great to see you on stage! I was wiating for this for so long…”

Peggy van Peteghem, 22 April 2009, after Trolls et Legendes Festival, Belgium

“I wish you further creative successes in creation of your magic music pleasing souls and hearts.”

Andrey Tarasov, handwritten card, circa 2002-2003, Russia

“Looks like we are chanelling a harmonious wavelength.”

Scott Dakota, The Moors, email, 28 April 2002, USA

“My webzine Felinea is devoted to emotional musics – i like your poetry and personal creativity…”

David, email, 31 December 2005, France

“Ohhhhh… they do slip through the weavings of your music. Blessed be… the Fae run wild… what is in store for the ancient ones who sing the seasons in the realms you walk?

ko sion, Myspace, 8 April 2007

“Thank you so much for fantastic brilliant CDs!!! Splendid works, incredibly powerful impression!”

Serge Tikhanoff, Radio Penguin, Siberia, email, 20 May 2003, Russia

“Ciao Louisa… I listen and… a dream inside a dream… now I ‘eat’ Alexandria and after… Argo

Alessandro Famulari, email, 10 April 2003, Italy

“We all had a little pumpkin carving party last night while listening to your beautiful music! hope to see you again soon peaceluvjoy”

Dewey W. Cook, Facebook, 27 October 2009, USA

“Your music is wonderful and enchanting… Good continuation!”

Crista Galli, Myspace, 3 August 2008, France

“We love your music! All the best from Catalonia!”

Sathorys & Lady Nott, Narsilion Ethereal Folk, Facebook, 7 March 2009, Spain

“If you will come back in Italy, remember… we will be so proud to spend time with you”

Marco Mangiagi, handwritten letter, 4 February 2004, Italy

“I’m a native from the west part of France called ‘Bretagne’ (Brittany) and I’ve find a kind of Celtic Feeling in your faerie… that’s why I love it so much.”

Pascal Fournet, email, 5 August 2001, France

“wonderful, wonderful, musing – truly food for my soul.”

Michael DeMaria, Ontos, email, 11 July 2004, USA

“Felicidades por tu excelente voz y capacidad artistica, tu musica es facinante”

Luis Felipe Tamayo Galvan, email, 21 June 2001, Spain

“the three cds… are proving to be as gorgeous as I thought they would be.”

Jackie Zalewski, email, 9 August 2005, USA

“Thank you so much Louisa for a wonderful, magical night… your beautiful soul and voice enchanting us.”

Gabriella Spiniello, Facebook, 3 August 2010, Australia

“I was very happy to meet you here in Thessaloniki… interview was excellent… we still talk about that night and the wonderful song that you sang.”

Kostas Papaspyropoulos, DJ, Atraktos, email, 4 December 2003, Greece

“For Louisa & Mark, with blessings and the kind of hope that blooms with the Spring.”

Philip David Morgan, handwritten note with illustration of Polly, 21 March 2000, USA

“You have sewn your spirit into the fabric of my spirit and my dreams.”

Lance Earnest, gift-card, 15 March 2003, USA

“I’m a French fan, writer and jury member for a literature fantasy award… attracted by your faerie music”

Xavier Dollo, email, 22 January 2004, France

“Beautiful story telling & singing, what a gorgeous little fey you are.”

Louise Gooding, Facebook, 1 August 2010, Australia

“Your lovely melodies always sound so great!” (shared a billing in Thessaloniki 2003)

The Aleph, Myspace, 10 December 2006, Greece

“I am very much impressed by the beauty of your website, and your beautiful vocals / lyrics & music.”

Sandy Nakashima of Pensacola, Florida, email, 6 January 2004, USA

“Continue to make our dreams, continue to give us your voice from the other side of the oceans…”

Solenne, email 4 February 2005, France

“We’ll be pleased to meet you again when you will be back to Napoli… love to get your CDs”

Ruggero and Stefano, email,15 November 2003, Italy

“…extremely beautiful, aire-like, leaving you wishing for more… shimmering in… gossamer beauty…”

Lee Henderson, leebo bo, email, 2 May 2002, USA

“Thanks for your fantastic effort in the Royal Melbourne Show… CDs are terrific 10/10”

Don Liversidge, Department of Education, Melbourne, late 90’s, Australia

“Other fans of ethereal, witchy, dark fairy music out there in Australia…would love your CDs”

Jo, email, 7 April 2003, Australia

“I find your music enchanting. Thank you for sharing it with the world.”

Kimberly Stewart, email, 12 September 2005

“If you come back, I’d be glad to meet you… Please, keep delighting us with your beautiful voice.”

Isabelle, handwritten letter, 19 October 2003, France

“My little girl is Evie who insisted on coming on stage with you.”

Jess Jucha, Facebook, 3 August 2010, Australia

“Thank you so much for your magnificent concert during the festival Trolls et Legendes. It was wonderful!”

Celie Ethereal, Facebook, 13 April 2009, France / Belgium

“I listened to your disks attentively… they are so unusual, each has its own unique beauty…”

Agostina, email, 17 April 2005, Russia

“Thank you once again for your dreamy music! Your wide knowledge of storytelling gives your lyrics many interesting themes and lots of imagery…”

Jennifer Ellis, giftcard, 22 January 2003, Australia

“You are the gift from another world… You stay focused on the present world yet seem to do so while gliding through on a cloud from the other lands, the Fae, the minstrels, the poets, all walk with you…”

Elizabeth Rose, Facebook, 15 January 2012, Australia

“Dear Louisa, you’re a great artist… Much love from a French fan”

Marc Duprez, Myspace, 1 October 2006, France