Solo albums


Guesting, compilations, samplers or soundtracks

  • The Underliving, with Priscilla Hernandez (Yidneth, Spain)
  • Seasons in Elfland – Shadows, with Woodland (Imaginosis, USA)
  • Improvisation in ancient Greek instruments Spyros Giasafakis (Cynfeirdd, France)
  • Asphodel, Artemis (Ekishnugal Records, Australia)
  • Silmand, with Stoa (Alice in Chains, Germany)
  •  To the Promised Land, Stella Maris (Prudence Records, BSC music, Germany)
  • Destroying the world to save it, Ikon (Equinoxe, Germany + Static Sky, USA)
  • In-house label compilations: Fairy World Vol 1, 2, 3, L’Odyssee, Belladonne,
  • La Nuit des Fées and Effleurement: ethereal female voices including Loreena McKennitt, Daemonia Nymphe & others (Prikosnovenie, France),
  • also the new fairy Book-Cd Graines de Berceuses
  • Winter Silence: sampled by German composer Mathias Grassow of Transmission Fields (Weird Amplexus, Italy)
  • Soundtrack series Geschichte Mitteldeutschlands: in Olaf Parusel’s music for German television company MDR; first with Hermann von Salza on DVD 2004, then with Konrad von Wettin on DVD 2005 (MDR TV)
  • Pipes of Pan (Pagan Awareness Network Inc., Australia)
  • First Human Ferro: Stardust (Patch Nine, Nitkie, Ukraine)
  • Little People Big Noise: song “Little Red Car Made of Glass” with Mathias Grassow, Carsten Agthe, Dirk Schlomer, of Das Zeichen / Stella Maris from Germany (RunDevilRun Records, Greece)
  • To Kill a King collector box: song “In the Circle” with American duo Hungry Lucy (Alfa Matrix, Belgium)
  • Mystica Antiqua 2 – Medieval Mysteries (Albion, Germany & UK)
  • Cryptichon Zwei (Oblivion, division of SPV, Germany)
  • Cantara Magica 1 (Credo / Nova Tekk, Germany)
  • Celtic Mystique (Tandem Music, Canada)
  • Ghosts from the Darkside (Purple Flower, Germany)
  • Hypericomes (Hyperium / Rough Trade, Germany) & numerous magazine samplers including Zillo (Germany),
  •  Beyond the ContradictionsNew Age and New Sounds (La Prima, Italy)
  • Livid Looking Glass (USA), D-Side magazine (France) & Elegy magazine (France)