Louisa John-Krol is a pioneer of ethereal music, with internationally acclaimed albums inspired by mythology, literature and faerielore.

Bewitching creatures such as centaurs, elementals, seagiants, dragons, psychopomps, salamanders, genie-cats and dryads inhabit her creations, inspiring writers and illustrators worldwide. Louisa was raised in Australian bushland, where love for trees led to fusion of Druidry with Dreaming.

Since her first original studio recording (age 10), she’s challenged borders of ambience, folk-goth, dreampop and neo-medievalism. At the turn of the century Louisa’s music began appearing on indie labels, magazines and soundtracks in Europe.

In parallel, performing at festivals as a fairy storyteller-singer, teaching at multicultural schools, reading avidly and freelancing (publishing articles, stories, poems), nourished her expression: she is now completing fantasy chronicles that began over 3 decades ago, set to music.

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