Louisa John-Krol (Louisa Pentacle) is a pioneer of ethereal music, with internationally acclaimed albums inspired by mythology, literature and faerielore.

Bewitching elementals and psychopomps – like centaurs, fauns, seagiants, salamanders, sylphs, genies or dryads – inhabit her creations, inspiring writers and illustrators worldwide. Raised in Australian bushland, her love for trees sparked respect for Druidry and the Dreaming.

Since her first original studio recording in childhood, she’s challenged borders of ambient, folk-goth, dreampop and neo medieval-baroque genres. At the turn of the century Louisa’s music entered indie labels in Europe, chiefly French fée company Prikosnovénie, which closed during the pandemic.

As fey bard, published author, educator and editor, her writing spans fairy tales, fantasy and magic-realism. She is devoted to her indoor fairy lions.

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