Fae Magazine in the UK has asked me to write an article about the Australian Fairy Tale Society. A lovely assignation…

By May 2017 I am to complete revision of two articles (essay & story) for a high ranking journal, TEXT. Publication details: Into the Bush: Australasian Fairy Tales – A Special Issue of TEXT Editors: Dr Nike Sulway, Dr Rebecca Anne Do Rozario, Dr Belinda Calderone.

Elderbrook chronicles are complete. I’m just tweaking and preparing submission proposals. If, a year from now, no publisher has stepped up, I’ll raise the capital myself, at which point this soundtrack would accompany the books in a box-set or affixed to back covers; and/or as embedded links in an e-book.

Retrieving manuscripts that had lain dormant in years of recording, jobs and travel, e.g. a novella, Madame Alchemier, dystopian magic-realism.

Finished albums include reprints & a water compilation Torlan, which is Welsh for ‘from the riverbank’. All in wraps for now.

History project for Storytelling Australia Victoria (Victorian Storytelling Guild) is unfurling little tributes on my fairy blog. Here’s one of fabulous Anne E Stewart:

Chronicling Australian fairy history, over the turn of the century: Wonderwings Fairy Shop (Part One) – pioneers of the world’s first fairy shop:

Wonderwings Fairy Shop (Part Two) – more memorabilia beaming soon.

Hob album is partially complete, forestalled with Mark’s illness & my temporary financial hiatus while caring for him.



Recording ‘cello lines by Caerwen Martin for 4 songs: ‘Evander the Unicorn’; ‘Wingblown’ (by Mark Krol); ‘Cindercone’ and ‘Ludos’ (latter two from a collaboration with Olaf Parusel), all in post-production.

Making my first music video clip – filming courtesy of Ian Clarke’s videography, Rachael Hammond’s dancing and dramatic carnivalesque contribution of Melissa Rose Tonkins. My own part was minimal as I’m happier with a mic than a camera. We missed the presence of Mark who is ill, but as co-songwriter he is supportive of this venture.

Setting up Bandcamp site for several new & old or remixed songs from various projects, including some from forthcoming Elderbrook.

Finalised commission of Sabine-Adelaide for 2 illustrations. (Despite my cancellation of the Book-Cd release, I’ve remained on very amicable terms with the record label of which Sabine is co-founder.)

Continuing to revise the Elderbrook Chronicles (4 volumes)… preparing to approach publishers in the New Year.

Starting the Melbourne Fairy Tale Ring, under the auspices of the newly founded Australian Fairy Tale Society.

Flying to Coromandel Valley, South Australia, for further production at Pilgrim Arts studio.

Mixing Silo String Quartet at Mad Cat Sound studios, recorded December 2012.

Revising Elderbrook – alongside reading fairytales, fantasy & magic-realism – replaces concerts for the foreseeable future.



Completing sessionist contributions; grooming recordings from Spring Studio, Mad Cat Sound & Pilgrim Arts.

Liaison for design of Book-CD: prepare abridged story (English & French); maps; character profiles. (Retrospective note: I made the difficult decision at the end of 2013 to cancel the release / contract due to various personal responsibilities & artistic directions.)

Reviewing & mixing Silo String Quartet, African Kora and other sessions from 2011 – 2012.

Arranging & editing with Nicholas Albanis (Dandelion Wine) at Crustacean Creations.

Translation of abridged story into French by Bertrand Villmur. (Retrospective note: I’ve paid the translator’s commission to retain rights to the text in both English & French.)


Instead of a tour, we present a preview of my Book-CD, Elderbrook:

It features my first audio-reading: a chapter of the unfolding Elderbrook chronicles.

Also a new song, ‘The Fountains of Alderbee’. Another version, ‘Singing Fountains’, is on a fairy compilation Graines de Berceuses:

Development of instrumentation continues for Elderbrook music in 2013, involving 40 musicians from many nations.

Visit to Australia from our longtime German collaborator Olaf Parusel – contributing to both Elderbrook & Hob projects.



Co-hosting fairy festivals including Phantosea (Melbourne & Adelaide), Feline Faery Fest (x 3), Elf Winter & Midsummer (Adelaide).

Continuing to record soundtrack for Elderbrook Chronicles & continuing to write these volumes of fantasy.

Recording a new album with husband / co-songwriter Mark & longtime producer Brett Taylor entitled Hob.