News 2017:

Please visit my Programme page, to discover which Assignations are in store…

News 2016:

After cancelling a record contract and performance plans to care for my sick co-songwriter-hubby, I’d been financing albums at a gentler pace. Then my employer needed more hours than I could spare. So I gave this year to reading books, researching fairy tales, grooming writing for publishers, and exploring ways to share songs digitally for a while.

Here’s our new recording ‘Evander the Unicorn’ and other treats at Bandcamp:

In between work on Elderbrook (the series accompanying the songs), my writing has borne other fruit: A high-ranking journal, TEXT, accepted two of my articles: an essay & story. Publication is due October 2017. It’s an honour, as contributors are typically postgraduates, postdocs or academics, under peer review. Publication details: ‘Into the Bush: Australasian Fairy Tales’- A Special Issue of TEXT Editors: Dr Nike Sulway, Dr Rebecca Anne Do Rozario, Dr Belinda Calderone.

Poet Bee Williamson published her new collection Torment & Soul with my introduction, available at Collected Works, Readings and other quality bookstores. It’s a joy to appraise Bee, who is not only the daughter of one of our longtime cherished producers, but is also, herself, an inspiring artist whose eco-literary-soulfulness resonates with this fairy.

Australian Fairy Tale Society elected me as Vice President. I continue to lead Victoria’s Fairy Tale Ring, and co-edit the society’s national ezine.

Video released January 2016: ‘The Green Lady’

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Writers Victoria caught my pitch for a Fairy Tale edition of ‘The Victorian Writer’, out this Dec-Jan, featuring my own story as well as articles by The Monash Fairy Tale Salon’s wildly brilliant, savvy Dr Rebecca-Anne Do Rozario, and acclaimed fantasy author Dr Kate Forsyth, both members of The Australian Fairy Tale Society.

My pet word ‘Taradiddle’, which I adopted from The Wheeler Centre for Books, Writing & Ideas, appears twice in The Victorian Writer’s fairy tale edition; once in my story, the other in an advert I placed for our faerie circles, e.g. The Monash Fairy Tale Salon, Australian Fairy Tale Society, Myths & Legends Fairy Shop, Storytelling Australia Victoria and Golden Owl Events.

Midsummer Faerie Rade: Sunday 17th January 2016, Treasury Gardens.

We finished recording Elderbrook (double-CD). I’m grooming the chronicles (4 volumes) and thinking about format for the whole caboodle.

News 2015:

A rare spate of shows:

Sunday 21st June: Australian Fairy Tale Society annual national conference, NSW Writers Centre, Sydney. As a founding member I’m honoured to be invited to open & close this event with music, and witness some leading fairy tale researchers, folklorists, storytellers, exhibitors and fantasy authors, explore the world of Faery. Theme: “Transformations: spinning straw into green and gold”.

Secret show: a wedding, in which the bride asked me to sing an Elizabethan classic ‘Greensleeves’. Because it’s in South Australia where longtime producer Brett Taylor lives, I’ve slipped in substantial production time at Pilgrim Arts studio. Could this be the completion of Elderbrook? Fey folk, please abide…

Saturday 13th June, 1pm: The Monash Fairy Tale Salon celebrates the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in theatrette of Glen Eira Town Hall, Caulfield, Melbourne. I’m performing my song ‘Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers’ from CD Ariel (French record label Prikosnovenie), which sold out of all editions & is out-of-print. Accompanying my singing & mandolin, will be Naomi & Nicholas (Dandelion Wine), on shruti-box/ percussion, vocal harmonies & lute. As part of the Glen Eira Storytelling Festival, there’ll be storytelling & scholarly fairy tale presentations, interspersed with music. Come as your favourite wonderland character!

While Elderbrook is in production, I have set up a Bandcamp page with teasers including new songs ‘Violin Velvet’ and ‘Talaria’ plus some oldies or remixes. Listen & read lyrics & credits:

As a founding member of the Australian Fairy Tale Society (dovetailing with Monash Fairy Tale Salon) and longtime friend of whimsy, I’ve set up a fairy blog. Fairy rings are sprouting in every state; I lead the Melbourne one, nesting at Storytelling Australia Victoria:

My first ever music clip, featuring Rachael Hammond, Melissa Rose Tonkins and Zeinab Yazdanfar, is in editing with videographer Ian Clarke. (So far all You-Tube videos of our songs on the web have been initiated by others – a lovely surprise for us!) It’s for ‘The Green Lady’, a song on my forthcoming double-album Elderbrook.

In respect for my role as a carer, please understand that I’m not touring overseas, yet am abiding with ethereal arts in other ways – listening, reading, reviewing, fostering links between tribes, etc. Thank you for listening and for your kind emails, messages, cards & letters. x Louisa.

News 2012 & 2013 & 2014:

Elderbrook will no longer be released in 2013. I cancelled this book-cd deal (amicably) with the label, chiefly to bring all the music into a double-album and hold the story until chronicles are ready, also to care for my sick hubby. Hopefully over time, I will nurture Elderbrook even more fruitfully.

A dragon now lives in our fairy waterfall, courtesy of website designer ‘Made by Karl!‘. For more of Karl’s enchanting design, please visit the site of brilliant Belgian harpist/ singer Keltia:

Here’s a preview of my unfolding story & soundtrack,

It features my first audio-reading: a chapter of the Elderbrook chronicles… & a song from this collection, ‘The Fountains of Alderbee’.

Another version, ‘Singing Fountains’, appears on a fairy compilation Graines De Berceuses, on the label in France:

We trust you enjoy exploring our realm – Louisa.