About this album

Genre: Ethereal ambient folk-pop

Torlan is Welsh for ‘from the riverbank’. Celebrating water magic – nymphs, nixies, nereids, mermaids, island witches – we’ve gathered songs of seas, lakes and streams from many of our albums. Between each song is a recording of water. Listen for waterbirds, discover wetlands, dream of voyages beyond the estuary, rest by a stream, trace a forest lane in the rain.


Tracks & Lyrics

#1. Birrarung

Duration: 1:15

Wurundjeri for ‘river of mists and shadows’, Yarra Yarra River

#2. Stone Lake

Duration: 5:10

Melbourne lakes, Blue Stone and Moondarra, shine with translucent light.

From my 4th CD Alabaster

#3. Jharna

Duration: 0:17

Sanskrit for ‘small brook’

#4. Beads of Rain

Duration: 5:01

…the peace of this day will shine like light on the face of the waters

Gwen Harwood

From my 3rd CD Ariel

#5. Tishtar

Duration: 0:20

Persian for ‘angel of rain’

#6. The Window

Duration: 4:25

Choices are the hinges of destiny


From my 5th CD Apple Pentacle

#7. Swan of Afon

Duration: 0:27

Old Welsh for ‘river’, and an epithet for William Shakespeare

#8. Fountainsong

Duration: 3:27

The Singing Fountains of Elderbrook, the Land Below the River in my unfurling Elderbrook Chronicles & new double-album Elderbrook.

#9. Fale

Duration: 0:48

Polish for ‘waves’

#10. Tangaroa

Duration: 3:28

From collaborative album Ghost Fish with Daemonia Nymphe & Nikodemos Triaridis

#11. Segara

Duration: 0:58

Javanese for ‘sea’

#12. Alexandria

Duration: 5:25

For the poets Cavafy and Milton.

Title-track of my 2nd CD, Alexandria.

#13. Lamia

Duration: 1:28

Latin for ‘Daughter of Poseidon’

#14. Argo

Duration: 4:21

Quest for the Golden Fleece… passion of Medea: legendary voyage of the Argonauts

Title-track of my first CD, Argo.

#15. Mayim

Duration: 1:05

Hebrew for ‘water / waters’

#16. Waterwood

Duration: 2:12

Water and wild, and woods, and flowers

Tolkien’s translation of Sir Orfeo

From my 4th CD Alabaster.

#17. Dhuundhuu

Duration: 0:23

Wiradjuri for ‘black swan’

#18. Nobelius’ Garden

Duration: 4:54

For the gardener Nobelius of Emerald Lake Park, Dandenongs, Australia

From my 3rd CD Ariel

#19. Onada

Duration: 0:47

Catalan for ‘wave’

#20. The Fountains of Alderbee

Duration: 3:42

Theme song from my new double-album Elderbrook & unfurling Elderbrook Chronicles

#21. Olatu

Duration: 0:44

Basque for ‘wave’

#22. River Knowing

Duration: 4:53

Alternative title: ‘Elderbrook’, title-track of double-album Elderbrook & river by that name.

#23. Kelde

Duration: 1:48

Scandinavian for ‘a spring’

#24. House of Legend

Duration: 3:09

In a tale retold by Idries Shah, this Norwegian Sea-witch builds herself a Golden Cottage.

From my first CD Argo

#25. Mar

Duration: 0:28

Galician for ‘sea’

#26. The Seagiant

Duration: 5:21

…now The Earth-Holder has granted me / Calm after the storm…

From my 3rd CD Ariel

#27. Ariel

Duration: 6:13

Adaptation of The Tempest by William Shakespeare

From my 3rd CD Ariel

#28. Birrarung – reprise

Duration: 1:27

Of bunyips, billabongs and birds