About this album

Genre: Fantasy, Faery

50 elves from 15 nations unite in a trove of ethereal songs. In this soundtrack to my Elderbrook Chronicles – after 20 years of indie record labels – we draw upon fables, magic-realism, mythology, folklore & fairytales, mingling Celtic neo-medieval balladry with dreampop & classical ambience, from the melodic whimsy of Violin Velvet, to baroque blues of The Dwarf Of Barberry, plushness of Escalder The Green Lady and shimmering energy of Evander the Unicorn.

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Tracks & Lyrics

Disc 1 – Escalder

#1. Fleeing the Flame

Duration: 1:30


Two teens, escaping from a bushfire in Australia, find themselves in another dimension.

#2. The Fountains of Alderbee

Duration: 3:41

How enchanted fountains learned the song of ancient seas, ever singing, murmuring, sighing.

#3. Hey Mr Shawnwort

Duration: 0:51

A shapeshifting cicada, who sometimes morphs into a toadstool…

#4. Borne ’Long Rivers

Duration: 4:06

A green-goblin Varn leads the humans down through passages of Elderbrook to his Moss Farm.

#5. Violin Velvet

Duration: 3:01

An imp whose violin is made entirely of black velvet with a needle for a bow. Her cat and hat are black, too. She lives in caravans, busking in carnivals, street parades, or where magic is afoot.

#6. Escalder

Duration: 6:02

A montage of two earlier recordings, with additional parts:

(i) Escalder’s Spellbinding (from collaborative album Love Sessions Vol 1, recorded in France)

(ii) Escalder’s Tree Ride (from our 5th solo CD Apple Pentacle, recorded in Australia)

#7. The Green Lady

Duration: 5:42

Another song about The Green Lady Escalder, enchantress of Fountains

#8. Yerandle

Duration: 1:26

An ancestral elf of Elderbrook’s history, conjures Old Magic

#9. Way

Duration: 2:43

A procession in Elderbrook, full of vibrant cosmopolitan bonhomie

#10. Fountainsong

Duration: 3:32

Alternative title: ‘The Singing Fountains’

#11. River Knowing

Duration: 4:54

Alternative title: ‘Elderbrook’; title-track

#12. The Dwarf of Barberry

Duration: 2:59

Together with his three henchmen – Quilp, Paxsniff and Slime – this pirate-dwarf thrives on mischief.

#13. Fontaines Enchantees

Duration: 4:38

A suite of six tunes about creatures who live in or around the Singing Fountains, which are enchanted

(i) The Elf and the Waterimp

(ii) Flume

(iii) A Cascade of Goblins

(iv) Chimera

(v) Sundial

(vi) Hurdy Gurdy Goblin

#14. Eoarvah

Duration: 5:16

Eoarvah is a frog spirit by a song pool, where elementals bathe with the Moon.
Amar Woreala is my incantation to conjure them.

#15. Kloh

Duration: 3:51

Kloh of the Kora, a blue-black elf, is the greatest court bard in Elderbrook.

Disc 2 – Evander

#1. Antiquity

Duration: 5:53

Possibly the oldest of my songs ever to appear on any CD, this dates back to my early teens. I wrote it under the stars, nursing a guitar with a cat beside me on a fence in bushland of Junortoun.

#2. Evander the Unicorn

Duration: 5:35

From Kalinothorn, home of unicorns, comes Evander.
Like many unicorns he visits Malnerholm, home of dryads, to drink from Lake Antiquity.
Both Kalinothorn and Malnerholm are sisterlands of Elderbrook.

#3. Gnome Song

Duration: 4:35

Perhaps the sweetest, kindest, gentlest, most innocent protagonist of the Elderbrook Chronicles is a moss farmer: a gnome by the name of Navington.

#4. Contradiction is the Dragon (scale mix)

Duration: 6:32

Originally on our 2nd CD Alexandria, now with additional parts including two recitals: first in Japanese, then in Mandarin.

#5. Starkey

Duration: 0:15


One of three dragons: Old Rig, Starkey and Wisp.

#6. Fly Away

Duration: 2:18

Lullaby for the elderdragons, whom Escalder The Green Lady had cast into slumber beneath rocks, or transformed into statues of fountains.

#7. Ice Lion

Duration: 2:09


Dulcinea, Empress of Sardathrion, is a giant snow lion, enthroned between sphinxes and lynxes, with a canopy of dreaming pearls and spires that reach so high, they pierce the rooves of other galaxies. Her friends include Tilly the Bumblebee, unicorns of Kalinothorn and inhabitants of the High Stables of the Pegasi.

#8. Talaria

Duration: 4:08

A revelry for sylphs, and a tribute to Hermes’ Sandals of Talaria in Greek mythology.

#9. Dreamdawn

Duration: 2:52

A hearth song for moss farmers, travellers and minstrels.
Featuring Jenni Heinrich on viola.

#10. Galaxies

Duration: 0:16

Reach for the vortex: alchemy of time, playground of the mighty djinn who whirl around our planets, slipping in and out of universes. When, or why, do our dimensions overlap?

#11. Ludos

Duration: 3:50

Alternative title: ‘Game of the Elements’.

Water, Earth, Fire, Air.
There are four volumes in the Elderbrook Chronicles, each concerning a quest to re-balance the elements not only of Elderbrook but also its sister lands – Malnerholm, Sardathrion, Kalinothorn, Artoon and our own world, Earth (the Openland).

#12. Inside the Bubble (nixie mix)

Duration: 2:30

A sweet, loyal fountain fairy

#13. Thelderbrin

Duration: 7:18

A powerful dryad, also known as The Lord of the Tree, or King of the Wood.
These are the memories of an ancient tree, perhaps through many incarnations.

#14. Fountains Finale

Duration: 4:05

Our theme song returns again, this time with a haunting farewell, as ghosts churn, tumble, rise and fall through enchanted dreaming.

#15. Antiquity (acoustic mix)

Duration: 5:25

How it sounded when I first wrote it, in my teens, on a sun-cracked wooden fence under the stars at the family homestead in Junortoun, in bushland around Bendigo.



And I would please the hapless faun,

Buried under the sleepy ground,

With mirthful songs before the dawn.

– W.B. Yeats: The Song of the Happy Shepherd